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AVG9 creating 500 MB .dmp files every few days!

Discussion in 'Software' started by LA_Cyn, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2


    Does anyone know what is causing AVG9 to create 500+ MB files every few days?

    I have an older PC running Win XP with a small 37 GB HD that came with the computer. About a month ago I had about 7 GB storage space available (I save everything to an external HD now & only use my computer's HD for necessary programs). This morning it was down to just over 2 GB available. I'm losing around 1 GB every few days. I used Space Sniffer to check what was gobbling up my hard drive space so quickly. I noticed that the AVG9 antivirus I installed AVG back around November was taking up the most space (just over 6 GB) & comes with the IEToolbar.dll that shows a new big 500+ MB toolbar dll every few days! It looks like it started on Christmas. I don't even use IE unless I absolutely have to. How can I stop these 500+ MB IEToolbar.dll_1234556666777_f.dmp from eating up space every few days?

    I've attached that portion of the report from Space Sniffer in another thread

  2. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2


    AVG is having me send them the most recent DUMP files & the logs so they can see what the problem is. I am not the only one experiencing this. It was incredibly frustrating to watch my hard drive shrink every day & I wasn't even saving anything on it.
  3. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2

    AVG hasn't gotten back with me & more of those big dump files showed up yesterday. I deleted them & when I tried to uninstall AVG9, the uninstall failed. I saved the log (which is over 6 MB) & the error message was:

    Local machine: installation failed
    Warning: Action failed for file avgfwfd.inf: file unregistration....
    AVG Firewall NDIS driver uninstallation failed.
    Error 0x1: Couldn't get an interface pointer to gr_avgfwfd. - Possible cause: Incorrect function.
    Error: Action failed for file AVGIDSAgent.exe: stopping service....
    The requested control is not valid for this service.
    Warning: Action failed for file avgfwfd.inf: file unregistration rollback....
    AVG Firewall NDIS driver installation failed.
    Error 0x1: Couldn't get an interface pointer to gr_avgfwfd. - Possible cause: Incorrect function.

    Any suggestions?

  4. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Hi Cynthia, did you use the AVG uninstaller?
  5. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2

    No I didn't, I tried via Add/Remove programs. I'll grab the uninstaller & try that now.

  6. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2

    I used AVGRemover & uninstalled. Then did a CUSTOM re-install like DomLuc suggested. It didn't give me the option not to install the toolbar but when I unchecked what he said (LinkScanner, Email programs & other languages), the toolbar did not re-install. Lets hope that stops the big DUMP files from eating up my HD space.

  7. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    That reads like you now have a vanilla install of AVG, any more problems and it'll have to go ^^ I think it should work out ok now though :)

    What % free HDD space do you have now?
  8. LA_Cyn

    LA_Cyn Private E-2

    I have just over 14 GB of free space now. I don't save much on the computers HD anymore other than necessary programs, & save any downloads or files to an external one.
  9. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    14GB is ok for reasonable performance ^^ get it defragged (or backup then defrag :))

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