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Chivalry is not dead!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by legalsuit, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Unable to find a tradesperson to renovate my fireplace surround, I decided to tackle it myself by "cheating", doing it in another method. Measured it up (twice), then off to local hardware store for a fire rated board.

    First problem encountered…they would only deliver the 4 metres uncut. So I try “pretty please with sugar on it…” the supervisor agrees to cut the board to fit the three sides of the fireplace.

    With a gasp of relief, I reply, “Well, that deserves a lottery ticket, which I’m off to buy you.”

    Next problem: Will the pieces fit it into my car? Supervisor measures my interior and with a grin says, “No problem”.

    Third problem: Later, when trying to load the pieces into my car, we find they are too big and they won’t deliver cut pieces!:cry Then this “knight in shining white armour” asks where I live…"OK, that's not far, I’ll deliver it after work”. Which he does, and I presented him with a gift card to a liquor store. He was delighted with his two gifts, and with a wink says, "You know I don't normally do this type of thing for customers."

    Curious to test the cut pieces, he snugly fits them in and they fit perfectly to our delight as a fireplace surround. Now I just need to get some proper cement to secure the pieces and mouldings to finish and dress it up nicely...so one part of my front lounge project is in order and hundreds of dollars saved thanks to this kind gentleman!

    Yes, chivalry is not dead.:celebrate
  2. Grumbles

    Grumbles Bamboozled Geek

    Glad that you got there in the end Legal :) Sometimes its how you ask people to help out and by being courteous to them does often reap rewards:)

    Like the old saying: What you give out - You get back Tenfold :)

    Last edited: Oct 22, 2007
  3. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    chivalry LOL you flirt ;)
  4. padams

    padams First Sergeant

    Maybe he just thought you were smokin' hot and wanted to take you out for a nice steak dinner!

    You are a really nice person for giving him gifts. I worked at a furniture store in the warehouse when I was 16 and this family came in and bought a huge couch. Then they couldn't get it home and asked me, since I had a truck, would I deliver it for them. I said sure as any good person would do. Then I drove like 50 miles out of town into deliverance territory that wasn't even on the map to get to these people's house, unload it by myself and move it into their house for them and all I get was a "We really appreciate it."
  5. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Aww...No flirting was involved...honest! I was dressed in my gym gear at the time and definitely not looking my best.

    The guy really was extending a courtesy which impressed me enough to show my gratitude...namely because he spent his lunch hour cutting up my pieces, then took time out before picking up his kids to drop them off.

    (Might try the flirting bit next time 'round:p)
  6. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Generally true with some people/instances Grumbles, though there have been times I've had to play "hard ball" to get what I wanted.

    This guy happened to be a true gentleman and showed me a real courtesy which I duly appreciated. Rare to see such chivalry nowadays.
  7. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    That was nice of him, indeed. Just the other day, leaving a local wawa, I was approaching the first door to exit (there are two) and a man was approaching the first door to enter, as he saw me he rushed over to the door I was about to exit and opened it for me. I thanked him gratefully and it really made my night!:) You dont see much of that these days!
  8. ItsWendy

    ItsWendy MajorGeek

    Not looking your best. :D

    Guys have an eye for what you're best would look like.

    But then, there are good people everywhere, as well as bad. Always important to remember, given your profession. I suspect you see a lot of not so nice folks in your job.

    Given the chance, I always open the door for ladies, from 3 years old up. I was raised that way, as I suspect most southern gentlemen were. The extra effort from your guy now, that's special.
  9. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    roflmao "smoking hot" in my gym gear after gym...um...nope!:D

    As for your story about your chivalrous act...and it isn't the type of thing any person would do, particularly given the distance and work involved. Unbelievable how ignorant and thankless some people can be...bet they didn't even offer you a refreshing drink after your efforts...such people annoy the heck out of me.
  10. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Now that's a gentleman. It is nice when people obviously go that little bit further to show a courtesy, whether male or female.
  11. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    True, in my profession, your gender isn't always given consideration... whether client or colleague. With colleagues, that's when there's a heavy reliance upon our code of ethics and discipline (which sadly not everyone follows).

    Think it's wonderful that your parents taught you from young...I am always delighted when kids ("little people") show me courtesy and always show my appreciation...they really fluff up with pride while blushing, but I also know my encouragement means they will continue such a practice of chivalry.

    As for that supervisor, he really extended an unexpected courtesy, so my little gifts were recognition for his efforts. He even stated that he was going to share his "liquor gift" with his workmates (not his winnings if he won the Lottery though:D). Now how nice a guy is that...especially given that his workmates didn't do or help out at all!
  12. Grumbles

    Grumbles Bamboozled Geek

    I give up my seat on the bus for the elderly or parents with babies, open doors for people, and generally try to have good manners where ever I go. It is something my parents taught me from an early age :)
  13. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    You and Bill seem to be of a rare breed for noone does that here. If I notice some on coming in or going out behind me I always hold open the door. Im lucky if I get a smile let alone a thank yourolleyes

    The other day I was following a guy out the door of a store (a little behind) and he waited and held it open for me, when I said thank you, he said said rather surprised "uh, sure". I guess he wasnt used to being acknowledged for doing something nice.
  14. Grumbles

    Grumbles Bamboozled Geek

    Please, Sorry or a Thank You don't cost anything. I sometimes wonder that in large cities that manners are rarely seen, but in smaller towns it is more common? IMO

  15. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    I guess people in large cities are pretty much preoccupied...look at how many walk about with earplugs and their ipods or mobiles (cellphones) stuck to their ear. Always rushing around.

    Whereas, I found that in smaller towns, it appears to be a slower pace and people seem to be more aware of those around them.:)
  16. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Sounds typical, doesn't it...people are often surprised of returned courtesies when not always practiced.:)
  17. Grumbles

    Grumbles Bamboozled Geek

    That pretty much sums up what I was trying to say :) Thanks Legal;)
  18. legalsuit

    legalsuit MajorGeek

    Sadly a lack of simple courtesies has reached a stage here where it is now a requirement for seating on public transport to be offered to the elderly or parents with babies.

    Grumbles, it's obvious that many here at MG had good parenting that taught the basic qualities of politeness and simple courtesies...what a delight it is when encountered/displayed...personally, it really makes my day:)
  19. darlene1029

    darlene1029 A Grand Lady- R.I.P. 06/06/2012

    Thats funny, scary but funny. They probably don't tip in restaurants either.
  20. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    I really dislike people who dont tip at restaurants. I mean I do base my tip on the service I receive but I always leave a tip.

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