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Compaq Presario SR 5120AN

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ejb1101, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Hi need help please.

    Compaq Presario SR 5120AN was working fine :)
    When I boot it takes me to Disk boot Failure,insert system disk
    If I try to reload XP it takes me to a blue screen

    Trouble is being female lol I have played with everythingand am now totally lost.
    I cant get windows to open or internet just the above 2 screens

    I am not worried about saving anything on the drive just want it to work or at least some help working out how to go about it please :)

  2. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    WHen I try to install win XP I get blue screen saying
    The problem seems to be caused by the following file: setupdd.sys

    STOP: 0x00000050 (0XB09EE728,0x00000000,0F74DB9A8,0x00000000)
    setupdd.sys-address F74DB9A8 base at F74B4000, Datestamp 41107c8f
  3. Goldenskull

    Goldenskull I can't follow the rules

    Quick Question did you do a Quick Format or a Full Format

    If you have done a Quick Format then it will leave files be hind

    I would redo a Full format it will wipe every thing

    This is your Stop Error Code
  4. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Hi and thank you for the reply
    I tried to put the XP disc in when it had disk failure message and am yet to get very far with the winXp dic
    Sorry am not thta tech savvy
  5. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Holding F8 does nothing
    F10 take me to the bios setup or if left will go to windows set up
    windows Xp home edition
    to setup now press enter
    to repair press R (this does nothing
    to quit setup without installing press F3

    This then states to press F8 to agree
    once that is pressed

    blue screen states
    There is no disk in this drive.^

    enter= install D=delete F3 to quit

    enter takes me to the blue screens with page fault

    I am not sure what XP was on it but I am trying to put XP home edition sp2 on

    If I start pc with out that XP disc in cd drive

    Get black screen

    with processor info AMD sempron (tm)

    ide master 0
    ide slave 0
    then option to enter bios setup F10 or continues to black screen
    Disk Boot failure, insert systen disk and press enter
  6. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    This tells you it does not see a hard drive.

    First step would be to open the case and replace the gray ribbon cable. Maybe the cable is bad; it happens.

    If you get the same disk boot failure measure with a new cable then perhaps the hard drive has died and needs to be replaced.
  7. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Is odd if I put my win7 disc in a get to where it is asking for drivers.
    Would the cable still be the problem
  8. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Is odd if I put my win7 disc in a get to where it is Collecting Information and asking for drivers.
    I am pretty sure I cant run win7 on this system.

    Would the cable still be the problem
  9. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    It looks like that computer came with a SATA HD which would need drivers before XP could be installed. (That is if the HD is working OK and the Disk Error is not being caused by a bad HD.)

    Do you know if the recovery partition has been deleted or if it is still an option? Try hitting F11, repeatedly, during the Compaq screen and see if it takes you to recovery options.

    If it doesn't, then go into BIOS (F10) and see if it lists your HD. You are looking for the 80gb drive (if it is the original HD). Is it recognized?
  10. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    F10 on Main area only shows dvd drive under drive section
    installed memory
    memory bank3 512MB DDR2 SDRAM
    that is it on that page
    Advanced gives
    processor info
    onboard video 64MB
    shows CDROM group apriority
    hard drive group boot priority (bootable add in)
    I tried to find drivers but on another pc as the HP I cant get on the net
  11. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    When installing XP on a SATA drive you can slipstream SATA drivers into a new XP installation disc. Those SATA drivers are available at HP's site. But there is also usually a way to change BIOS to have the SATA HD use IDE emulation to allow it to be recognized without the drivers.

    The thing is the drive should be seen by BIOS without any drivers. It doesn't look like it is being seen which would point to a bad HD. I can't seem to find the BIOS screens for that model on the net. What are the choices of menus in BIOS across the top of the screen? Does it look like one of the pictures http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=bph07110&lc=en&cc=uk&dlc=en
  12. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    Core version V6.0
    BIOS Revision 5.11
    Model SR5120An
    Product GF950AA-ABG
    BuildID 73APv3PrA2

    thank you too for your help so far it is much appreciated
  13. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    So it only shows the 1st drive being the DVD drive under the Main menu and no 2nd drive which would be the HD.

    It seems the HD is not being recognized at all. That would most likely be a bad HD as an 80gb drive would be more than 5 years old which is about their lifespan. I think the only thing to do would be to open the case and check the cable. If the HD isn't recognized by BIOS you can't even run a diagnostic because no program will see the HD if BIOS can't.

    The HD will have a power cable and a data cable. If the HD and DVD both use the same type of data cable (going from the motherboard to the device) you could swap out the cable from the DVD to see if that makes a difference as far as the HD being recognized. Just leave the one end connected to the motherboard and switch the ends going into the HD or DVD.

    If the two devices use different types of cable then that obviously isn't an option. So if the DVD is the wide IDE cable then you can't switch cables.


    BTW, did this just start out of nowhere or were there any warnings before you got the "No System Disc" error? Has it happened before--once in a while?
  14. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    It started when it was moved for replacemtn desk but I havent helped it buy going places that I should not gone lol
  15. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    I have no ribbon cable
  16. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    You can just swap the two flat red cables and see if there is any difference. Leave the ones with the small red, black and yellow wires where they are (the ones on the left--they are power cables and are fine). This picture is probably two HD on top of each other your DVDROM may be in a slightly different location but you are just swapping the flat red cables between HD and DVDROM.


    Another thing you can try is to unplug the computer and remove the small, flat, coin-shaped CMOS battery. Leave it unplugged overnight. Put the battery back, plug in and try to boot without the CD. See if it tries to detect the HD. Sometimes letting a failing HD cool down completely will allow it to be recognized. If it is recognized then you know it is failing and has to be replaced.


    Edit: So did it happen occasionally before or start after being unplugged and moved and not started properly since? It could be a bad battery causing problems. You could try unplugging and removing the battery for a minute or two then putting back and try starting without the CD (skipping the overnight wait) to see if that does anything. If it does find the HD that fast then it could just be a bad battery but I find that unlikey as there would be no reason for it to choose to miss the HD. But it only takes a minute or two to test.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
  17. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    I set the defaults in BIOS back to set up original defaults and now have the Compaq screen back lol
  18. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    If you were in Aus I would kiss you about now :)
    ok when about to swap gabless realised the main cable on HD was lose
    So now I have a HD lol
    Shows in Main of BIOS
    4th drive ST380815AS I assume this is it as that was not there before
    under boot in BIOS
    I know have hard drive group (ATAPI DVD A DH1)
    tried to restart
    got a XP screen then nothing :)
    I feel we are (you) are getting closer to solving this
  19. ejb1101

    ejb1101 Private E-2

    do I have to reload XP now that I set the defaullts back
    If so will it cope with win& or am I better to stick with XP
  20. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Good. So the HD is recognized and it tries to start XP. Now try hitting F8 repeatedly during the Compaq screen. If it gets to Safe Mode options try Last Know Good Configuration and see it that gets you further. If it still hangs on the XP screen (does it hang on the XP screen or go black?) then try going back to F8 and choosing Safe Mode to see if you can get into that.

    Edit: Chances are that your XP drive is in the same condition it was in before you had the problem. The files are probably OK since you were unable to begin a fresh install. See if XP can load and then you can figure out if you want to reload or keep things as they were.

    I know 512mb RAM is too small for Win7. You would have to add RAM to even consider win7. Not sure about your processor or video but they may be marginal as well. If you get XP running you could use the Win7 upgrade advisor to see what it says.

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