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Iphone 6s Ghosttyping

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets - Hardware' started by Jerry78, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Jerry78

    Jerry78 Private E-2

    and opening apps
    so I looked via google help and I read how I need to return the phone,etc
    but is there no way to fix the problem?

    right now, when the GHOST does stuff,i turn it all the way off, then wait 5 mins and power it back up

    this solves the problem....for a while.....is there a better solution?
  2. Jerry78

    Jerry78 Private E-2

    I think I solved the issue, but I'm not sure why it started?

    Ive use a mophie juicepack

    since I had the phone, about 2 yrs
    I was told the charger might be the problem,. so I stopped using the mophies wireless charger and got a apple cord and use the cord to charge it

    next time i picked up my phone, no more ghost typing
  3. Just Playin

    Just Playin MajorGeek

    Sorry we didn't have any advice for you. Thanks for coming back and letting us know your resolution. This may save someone else in your shoes a bit of headache.
  4. Jerry78

    Jerry78 Private E-2

    but I dont understand why a charger is the issue
    I think it might be the mophie case squeezes the phone and hurts some sensor and when I take it OUT of the mophie case the sensors unsquish....cause I have noticed from still using the mophie case(since I have no other) that sometimes the phone(*just once) ghost types(I pressed B and the TTTTT get being hit)
    I just need a new case

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