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Keep Up the Folding, MG Users!

Discussion in 'Software' started by animatorStrike, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. animatorStrike

    animatorStrike <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Rid

    Just viewed the stats of the MG folding team. We're pretty good, if I do say so myself. I even made the Top 100 MG folders. Yeehaw! :D :D :D :D

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  2. glennk721

    glennk721 <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/bacteria.gif"

    Congrats on making it on the boards at Stanford !!! Glenn
  3. animatorStrike

    animatorStrike <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Rid

    Thanks! When I first came to MG, I had no idea what folding was. Now I'm working (my PC) for a good cause. Happy folding! :D
  4. Robster12

    Robster12 The Horse Whisperer

    That's right!
    We're rollin', too!
    We still got that steam!
  5. crazybelgium

    crazybelgium Private E-2

    Whoo! I'm happy to say that I'm folding again. :)
  6. rmsubasic

    rmsubasic XP-38 Spacemodulator

    Welcome back. Long time no see.
  7. mgrist

    mgrist Private Weapons

    Well I'm keeping up the Folding with a bunch of slow Gromacs. I've got one, a P581_BRA5_tip4p that is taking 1 hour and forty minutes a frame on my 2.8 P-4
  8. glennk721

    glennk721 <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/bacteria.gif"

    Mgrist this is about that unit you are running !!!

    p581_BBA5_tip4 points 220.00 100 GROMACSDescription[size=-1]ymrhee[/size]

    nice point value at least,,Glenn
  9. animatorStrike

    animatorStrike <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Rid

    My hard work has paid off. :D Finally finished 8 WU's and working torwards 10.

  10. Corporal Punishment

    Corporal Punishment Administrator Staff Member

    Looks like you've had some big work units
  11. roguetrip

    roguetrip Private E-2

    what kind of system are you running animatorStrike? I started folding at about the same time and now i'm up in the 45th position currently, i think HT really kicks butt for folding :)
  12. animatorStrike

    animatorStrike <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Rid

    I always thought my system was decent.

    CPU: 2.99 GHz Pentium 4
    RAM: 768 MB

    I wasn't always folding everyday, though.
  13. roguetrip

    roguetrip Private E-2

    That is a decent system, atleast i hope so seing how i have a 3.0GHz prescott. Is that the Northwood of Prescott you have?

    I leave this computer folding 24/7 with 2 folding sessions, I figure if it doesn't blow up under warranty then it should be good for atleast five years :)
  14. Nitrowing

    Nitrowing Specialist

    Okies n- I've been folding for custompc for a while and they're too impersonal, so I'm jumping ship to you guys... just be patient while I get the team numbers changed...
  15. rmsubasic

    rmsubasic XP-38 Spacemodulator

    Welcome aboard, Nitrowing. You can make yourself at home here. :)
  16. Nitrowing

    Nitrowing Specialist

    :) Cheers - 2 WU's in already :D
  17. Nitrowing

    Nitrowing Specialist

    C'mon guys & gals - are you lot folding with Spectrums???? :rolleyes: :p ;)
  18. Corporal Punishment

    Corporal Punishment Administrator Staff Member


    Some people are more chatty than others if thats what you mean.

    I just got my 2nd wu out of my 1st linux clinet. -- Although I am having a few issues running it via ssh.
  19. Corporal Punishment

    Corporal Punishment Administrator Staff Member

    Ranked 104 in total points last week --- pretty sure thats an all time high. Good work y'all.

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  20. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC


    We're nearly in the top 100!! :D

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