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MCP61PM-HM motherboard drivers win 7

Discussion in 'Software' started by james_ryan02, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey guys, I have recently run into the same problem. I have sucessfully installed windows 7 and upgraded by ram to 8gb with the 64 bit version.
    Mine is a HP Compaq Presario SR5085AN.

    The blue screen comes up with the error mentioned above, and its every now and than, could be fine for 1 day but than could do it 5 the next day. I have tried to update everything I could, I am currently downloading that link that you posted previously.

    I have tested for memory errors, and Hard drive errors, and both come back with no errors found. The computer was screwing up quite serveraly before i installed windows 7. it would not boot up, windows would freeze on loading. wouldnt work for about a week. Than one day it started so i thought id take my chance. I find it strange that ive tested everything and it comes back with no errors although there definatly is one.

    Let me know what you think..

    Thanks for your time,
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    The IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error tends to link to drivers being the cause, did you do a clean new install of Windows when you added the extra ram to get to 8GB? or did you just pop it in and bootup?

    In Device Manager do you have any yellow ! marks by any devices, if so what?

    Sadly and I was going to suggest a re-install of the Chipset software but the Chipset in your motherboard doesnt have a Windows 7 x64 one listed for the nforce 430/6150SE at Nvidia. But worth trying the ones Bill posted in that other thread HERE

    If you disable all of your startups say using StartupCPL does this error still appear?

    Random errors are a pain to diagnose, so the full BOSB code or minidump file attached would maybe help. Instructions HERE
  3. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I installed the 8gb ram than upgraded to windows 7. My graphics card has given my some problems over the last few months so Im guessing it could be that. I have already installed Bills link and The blue screen still came up.

    No yellow errors within device manager, but i have just downloaded the bluescreenview, so I will attach it within my next post. I have now taken out the graphics card and I am using my onboard graphics, through VGA output, so I guessing from this if i dont see the blue screen again, its gotta be the graphics card?

    Thanks again for your help, everything is helpful. What do you suggest now, even though it is just like you said random errors are quite the pain!.
  4. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey I opened the bluescreenview, and gave me this


    .. the USB code ones came up twice last night, never before, the majority of them before these 5 or 6 have been the error we have been discussing..

    I have no idea what this means from these different errors. please let me know what you think.

    Thanks again! James
  5. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Yes if you dont get the BSOD now as you have removed the main graphic card (btw what make and model is the card? is it the supplied in some countries nVidia GeForce 7600GS) then its likely that that is the cause.

    The USB issues are a weird one and would generally link to the Chipset causing a problem, just a thought is this the first time that you have installed Windows 7 x64 on this PC? or has it been working before, also what was the Windows version previously, was it Vista 32/64bit?

    Take out all bar 2GB ram if you can and see if you dont get any BSODs if you dont add 2GB more and so on.
  6. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Thanks again. over the last 2 and a bit days, i havent had the BSOD come up at all. (with the card out) and yes it is the GeForce 7600GS.

    This is the first time I have installed Windows 7x64bit and previously i had Vistax32bit.

    I previously has 2x1GB sticks of ram in the computer, pulled them out and put 4x2GB sticks in. Both the memory testers came back with no errors nor the hard drive check.

    Should I try disabling the usb ports and enabling them again? the drivers are up to date. Guessing the main problem is with the graphics card since it hasn't happened since I've taken it out. Ill probably go ahead and buy a card, if you could check this link, and let me know which one would be best that would be great. Apparently any of these are compatible with my computer.


    Thanks for your time, If you can get back to me with a specific card I should purchase and also some more information about my errors that would be great. Thanks!!

  7. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Ok, just plugged my External into the front USB port and it didnt the exact same thing, although didnt give me the Bluescreeen, just restarted by itself..

    What can i do to make these work. I have disabled the drives, and enabled them, still doing it. driver software for each all completely up to date and the bottom three
    - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universial Host Controller
    - VIA Rev 5 or later USB Universial Host Controller
    - VIA Enhanced USB Host Controller

    These three all have yellow error signs on them. Do i uninstall, since nothing else will fix the problem? why would this be happening?
  8. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Your graphic card should be fine for Windows 7 x64 as it has a dedicated Windows 7 x64 driver HERE, the issue seems to more be that fact that their is no chipset driver listed for the Nvidia nforce 430 which your motherboard has,

    Dont know how open you are to doing a complete Windows 7 x64 re-install? as that would be what I would try and then do a Windows update and then install the graphics driver I listed above only.

    The VIA reference seems as if a wrong driver is installed as that motherboard as far as I know its USB is controlled by an nvidia driver.
  9. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    im more than open to do a re-install. The computer restarted, and also completely froze three times last night while trying to watch a movie from the desktop. ill do anything to fix these problems..

    Whats the best way to do a reinstall? simply just put the disc in and do a recovery? or? (remember, it used to be vista, 32bit, i got windows 7 professional anytime upgrade) guessing it shouldn't matter anyway and can just do a system restore form the windows 7 disc?

    And should i just reinstall, download the windows updates, install the last link you posted, and should i also go device manager and update every drives software? If you dont mind giving me an exact list of what to do ill follow it perfectly and hopefully itll be up and running...

    Thanks again for your help its been more than appreciated!
  10. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi James

    Did you get a physical Windows 7 x64 CD or a link from Microsoft from the Anytime Upgrade to an ISO to allow you to burn a DVD of Win7?

    The re-install is easy, as you just follow these instructions HERE (from Daniel Petri) and then first check Device Manager for any yellow ! marks and then run Windows Update to get any missing drivers and updates you may need.

    But before the above boot into safe mode (F8 at boot and choose Safe Mode with Networking) and see if your PC behaves ok?
  11. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey, sorry its taken to long to get back to you.
    I have to physical dvd, I used the ISO to install it at the start, while they sent out the disc. I have now done a reinstall, Problem is i cant download the programs i want and the updates are still going, My internet is capped.

    I have played approx 6 dvds from my external hard drive through the same usb port and nothing has gone wrong. Haven't had a blue screen at all yet which is good. I haven't got any yellow marks next to anything in the device manager, although I dont think i did at the start the last time I upgraded. I think they came up yellow after a few updates.

    My internet refreshes on Monday coming, so I will start updating everything, finishing all installs, and start downloading my programs, and from there i will let you know how the computer goes?

    Also, one other thing, the Nvidia link that i sent you was possible cards that would suit my machine, I know mine is fine for windows 7 64bit but the fan has seen better days, loud noise and i would like to replace it. Could you tell me which of those cards you would recommend getting, basically after the best one there. http://www.nvidia.com/object/buy_now...tml?id=GFGT220

    Thanks again for your time, youve been great!!
    Ill get back to you soon
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  12. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    hey, sorry just to clarify my first sentence last post, I have the physical disc, and I have just done a fresh re-install with the disc.

    Also, disregard the Nvidia link as I have already purchased a card.
  13. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey, I have the same problem again. I have reinstalled windows. I haven't installed anything else. Was able to play around 10 dvds through usb without any dramas. Within the last 3 days, I haven't been able to get through 1 dvd, it either freezes up completely, or gives me the blue screen, with the same different errors as posted previously. If I ran checks on the hard drive, and also the memory and received no error, than they cant be damaged can they?

    This is over my head at the moment, I have tried everything you've said, and Im still receiving the same error.

    I could try to put the original ram back in to see if I get the same errors, thats the one thing I haven't tried yet? If the ram got ruined from static electricity or something alike, than would that show up on the memory test?

    Please get back to me
    Thanks again for your time,

  14. SnowFalcon

    SnowFalcon Private E-2

    I have the same problem and so far what I have been able to determine is it's an incompatibility problem with Seven. Seems to be a common error and so far I have tried different suggestions and so far nothing seems to be working. It's kind of annoying and I'm hoping ATI will smarten up and make a compatible driver for seven.

    I did however install a standard VGI driver. The only problem is it causes a slightly slower response time. The computer didn't crash when I had it installed. I uninstalled the driver and let the program pick it up off the internet. I don't know the address to it.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  15. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Ok, I see what your saying although I spoke to HP and went through exactly my systems model and specs, and It was fine to upgrade to Seven without receiving any errors.

    Also, David, Last night I took out the RAM and replaced it with the two exisiting 1mb sticks. I had a Tv series on loop as i went to bed and there was no blue screen or restarts. Still too early to make sure there wont be any but ill let you know.

    For both of you, If you ruined your RAM by static electricity or somehow, SOMEHOW ruined it putting it in. This would show on a memory scan wouldnt it? because when i had the 4x 2gb sticks in it would come back with no errors and be registered on bootup..?

    Thanks again for your time guys.
  16. SnowFalcon

    SnowFalcon Private E-2

    Maybe I'm on the wrong wavelength I just reviewed the posts and I thought you were refering to another issue. My bad.

    I keep seeing you refer to static electricity and what doesn't hurt us is actually a component killer.

    My question for you is when you were handling the ram, did you feel a shock between you and the ram? If there was then you possibly did ruin the ram and no it won't show up.

    Static electricity can cause problems

    When I was in college taking Network Administration. I was upgrading memory on a desktop and you could hear the shock between me and the component and the look on the teachers face said it all because he was standing right there when the shock happened. The computer kept crashing afterwards, it may have been the powersupply as well. I can't really remember but I do remember it did use the ram after the static discharge happened. Everytime I moved the computer it crashed and I think it was a bad powersupply. It could've been the ram too. I ground myself all the time now.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2011
  17. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Hi James

    If the older ram sticks are working ok then, what are the exact type of ram you bought for the 8GB (4x2GB)?

    Asking this just to double check the type and if its compatible (•Supports PC-4200 (533 MHz), PC2-5300 (667 MHz), and PC-6400 (800 MHz) DDR2 DIMMs) from the spec list HERE

    Are all 4 sticks perfectly matched? ah tell you what if at some point you pop them all in and your PC boots ok then follow the below and attach the log as listed and I can tell.

    Does one of the new rams sticks work ok on its own? also just to cover a base, pop out the motherboard battery for 10mins to reset CMOS, and then check date/time and any custom settings as well as boot device (especially if you are running Raid) and then pop in the new stick of ram.

    Yes it would generally show in a ram test as the ram would completely error in all likelyhood.

    Just thinking with most of the above steps to follow and try that the ram you have in the 8GB may not be compatible, also its possible that a BIOS udpate may cure this but would like to see the Speccy log to see what BIOS revision you have already.
  18. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    Hey, I have followed your first set of instructions, I havent popped out the mother board battery nor seen if one memory stick works. Let me know if you still want me to do that.

    I have attached the log, which u can see my system specs.. Let me know. The sticks and everything else by my knowledge are all compeltely compatiable.

    Also, come to think of it, the other guy talked about his power supply. About a month ago, i put the power cord back into the computer, and a large blue spark came from within, wasnt too sure where at the time cause it was unexpected but it turned on straight away afterwards. (not too sure if it was before the bluescreens started or if it happened than bluescreens starts, memory is shocking cause I thought it was fine since it turned on again so i thought nothing of it. Let me know what you think about it, I didnt think of it since the bluescreen logs i posted earlier to you were showing IRQ or USB drivers.

    Let me know what you are thinking or what to do, if you can make sense of that ahha..

    Thanks again, your a great help.

    Attached Files:

  19. james_ryan02

    james_ryan02 Private E-2

    One other thing, Computer just froze, its not even getting to bluescreen every 2nd freeze or restart is a bluescreen, sometimes it jsut restarts aswell.

    After playing half of a video after putting the 8gb back in to get the speccy log it just froze, screen froze, sound frooze and buzzed.

    I have taken 3 out, so at the moment there is 1x2gb (new) sticks in there. I will let you know how that goes... the old memory didnt play up at all..
  20. SnowFalcon

    SnowFalcon Private E-2

    Also, come to think of it, the other guy talked about his power supply. About a month ago, i put the power cord back into the computer, and a large blue spark came from within, wasnt too sure where at the time cause it was unexpected but it turned on straight away afterwards

    Are we talking about your computer or someone elses? A big blue spark is not a good thing.

    Can you list the info off the memory sticks?
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