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My latest ailment

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DanTekGeek, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. DanTekGeek

    DanTekGeek Master Sergeant

    ok....wait....whoa! new editor!

    ok, anyway, back to my point. I have an infected bug bite on my leg that is only getting worse. If its not better within 24 hours, I will have to go into the hospital for IV antibiotics. I can hardly walk. Hurts like hell. Sorry I havent been on the board latley, Ive been trying to woo this girl. Anyway, just an update.
  2. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    Hey hope everything is okay!

    Good luck with the girl :)

    What kind of bug bit you? eek.

    I have a mosqutio bite if that makes you feel any better lolol.
  3. MrPewty

    MrPewty MajorGeek

    Show her the bite. That should work. :)
  4. DanTekGeek

    DanTekGeek Master Sergeant

    i dont want to scare her off, its red, 85mm in diameter, and ooky. It was just a normal mosquito bite, but I scratched it, and its infected.
  5. oldcrocd

    oldcrocd Private E-2

    Put some Tincture of Iodine on it , it will sting like crazy but will kill any infection that there. Save you a trip to hospital anyway.
    Regarding the new girl friend, whats her number and I will ring her and explain your problems!!
  6. DanTekGeek

    DanTekGeek Master Sergeant

    unfortunatly, nothing topical will help. it is already systemic. I had a fever last night and im getting it again. my lymph nodes are huge painful and swollen, and im allready on a massive dose of antibiotics.
  7. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    Wow! You must have had something really nasty under your fingernails.

    Good luck with the infection and the girl.

    The girl will probably take longer to get a handle on, but a lot more fun. ;)
  8. laurieB

    laurieB MajorGeek

    next time.....the best stuff Ive ever found for clearing skin wounds and infections is something called 'Schreiner's herbal solution for livestock and horses' !!! i kid u not. i use it on my dog (coz hes like a goddamn horse!) and it is miraculous. then a while ago, an English visitor who was not able to use bug sprays or antihistamines asked why it wouldn't work on humans. we rang the manufacturers and they said (in a very southern drawl) that they use it all the time on themselves and it works just fine on humans but cant be sold as such due to FDA rulings. this is a list of ingredients.
    aloe vera, comfrey, goldenseal, myrrh, cayenne and elder in an isopropyl alcohol base. ps. it stings like a M***** F*****. (their words not mine. lol). you hafta get it at feed stores and the like or ring them and find out where to get it. ph# 1-800-223-4325. aloha
  9. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    Well, if the FDA doesn't sell it for use on humans.... than it's obviously for a good reason... right? :confused:
  10. laurieB

    laurieB MajorGeek

    not necessarily. the FDA doesn't test herbal remedies and therefore cant recommend them. this applies to all herbal remedies and supplements. the supplements always have a disclaimer saying 'not for medicinal use' or 'not approved by the FDA' etc.. as this IS sold as medicinal it cannot be advertised for humans. aloha
  11. Kodo


    Honey works well for infections believe it or not. Bacteria cannot survive in it and die.
  12. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    That's why you can't give it to babies under a year old, can make them very sick.

    @Cano: I buy antibiotics from the pet store for us all the time! You get the ones for fish and then take what would be a normal dose for us. They sell everything except basic penicillin, so if you know you need antibiotics it can save a trip and payment to the doctor and the chance of catching something worse. LaurieB's right, some of the animal stuff is great for us!!!

    @dantekgeek: GET THIS SEEN TO before they have to start cutting out chunks. All the best :), hope you are fit again soon.
  13. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    I learn something new everyday from you guys :)
  14. alanc

    alanc MajorGeek

    And if that doesn't work it's time to amputate ;)
  15. dperino

    dperino Capt. Caveman

    Speaking of latest ailments,, Yesterday, I went to look at a 4000 sq. ft. house that is being turned into offices. I used the garage door remote they gave me, and went in to open the door to the inside. I took 3 steps into the garage, and within a matter of 1/2 second, I got hit more that 10 times. All in an area of a couple inches on my back. They got me that many times before I even saw one wasp.

    One bite stings a bit,, 10 or 12 tends to ruin my morning.
  16. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    Yow biker dude :(
    I hate things that fly and sting, my least favorite part of living here.
    Aloe vera gel might help.
    Or pie. (Pecan)
    Better now?
  17. dperino

    dperino Capt. Caveman

    I felt much better when I went to the hardware store and bought 3 cans of that wasp spray that shoots over 20 feet,, and wipes out whole nests. I went back and pretended like they were all MuskyBob. ;) (jest kiddin' buddy)

    There aren't any more wasps there now. Made the pain go away MUCH sooner.
  18. alanc

    alanc MajorGeek

    You and I should get together since we both like pie so much :D:D
  19. bigbazza

    bigbazza R.I.P. 14/12/2011 - Good Onya Geek

    Check out http://www.healthy-horse.com/firsta/schrein.htm Bazza

    PS: Anyone got a good preventative for Malaria. Going back to Africa next year and don't want Malaria gain.. Baz


  20. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    Revenge and payback always soothes the pain. :D

    Glad you're not massively allergic to them. That many stings can kill those that are.

    As far as the good topical remedies... those are good at the first, but once it goes systemic, there's nothing you can put on the skin that will fight it. Try to catch them early.

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