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What are the top ten things that get on your nerves?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CaNoFzOo, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    The TOP 10 things that get on my nerves (not in order)

    1) People who make me repeat myself.
    2) Close-minded people
    3) People who think they're better than everyone else
    4) Stereotypes
    5) People who try too hard to "fit in"
    6) The show Insomniac on Comedy Central
    7) PeOpLe WhO TyPe LyKe DiS :rolleyes:
    8) How everytime I turn on my computer a message pops up saying "The system has recovered from a serious error" ....thanks computer but i'm aware of that. *screams*
    9) AOL
    10) War :( (And President Bush)

    Whats the top 10 things that get on your nerves?

  2. Sgt. Tibbs

    Sgt. Tibbs Ultra Geek

    Only ten, huh? ;) Not necessarily in order, they're all about equal:

    1. Ignorance masquerading as knowledge.
    2. Bad drivers.
    3. Bad spelling/grammar.
    4. Closed-mindedness.
    5. Stereotypes, and the people who propagate them.
    6. People who jump to conclusions without any base on reality.
    7. People who say something horribly offensive, and then follow it with "no offense", like THAT helps.
    8. Trying to get the last bit of toothpaste, conditioner, hair gel, etc. out of the tube.
    9. People who just don't get that there's a time and place to run your mouth, and when and where that might be.
    10. Monday Morning Quarterbacks.
  3. Endi

    Endi Lt. Links

    1. Spyware
    2. My computer not working properly
    3. slow internet connection
    4. France
    5. Terrorists
    6. Bad drivers
    7. Snowbirds
    8. Our Sheriff here in Maricopa County (what an embarrasment)

    9. Heat during the Summer
    10. me sometimes:D:D
  4. laurieB

    laurieB MajorGeek

    i could only come up with five (and i thought about it for ages lol) so here they are).
    1) agressive drunks (cos i doesnt matter how skilled you are you cant 'talk them down')
    2) sand in my bikini bottoms.
    3) running outa milk for my morning coffee (read kids who put empty containers back).
    4) people 'playing' with my puter without asking (why do people think thats ok to do? if my hubby spent $600 on a new tool of some kind no-one would dream of playing with all the settings or testing it out to see how it works etc. if i spent $600 on a car it would be called autotheft!)
    5) phone sales and spam.

    if i think of more ill let you know.
  5. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Sergeant

    1. Liberals, when they speak.
    2. People who don't drive the way I think they should.
    3. The terms "open-minded" and "close-minded" ; which actually falls under #1 because
    it seems that liberals are the ones who use them to describe people who don't think
    the way they do.
    4. People who use cell phones while driving or in public places.
    5. People who like to place the blame everywhere but where it belongs. Oops, it seems
    this one falls under #1 also.
    6. People who don't know the difference between constitutional republic(which this country
    is) and democracy. Most justices fall in that category. Along with those who still
    claim that Gore won.
    7. Mosquitoes. There must be a million in my yard.
    8. People who can't read the Constitution. For example: The words "separation" or
    "church" cannot be found any where in it.
    9. People who come up to the door at my store and want in after we're closed.
    10. People who go off on a tangent and don't know when to stop.:)
  6. laurieB

    laurieB MajorGeek

    oh yeh. i forgot.

    6) mosquitoes.
  7. dperino

    dperino Capt. Caveman

    1. Almost everything at one time or another

    2-10,, refer to number 1.
  8. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    In no particular order

    1. Crabgrass/weeds/fire ants/yardwork.
    2. Sunny & dry all week, then rainy on the weekend when I need to be dealing with #1. Week after week.
    3. Dishonest self-serving civil servants and politicians, of whatever stripe and level. No party has a monopoly.
    4. Mistaking our republic for a democracy, and not understanding the difference.
    5. Attempting to spread democracy around the world. Democracy isn't what makes a country free or successful, and it's not what we have.
    6. Officials that can't pronounce nuclear. (It's nuke-lee-ur, not nuke-you-lur, dimbulbs. It's not that tough.)
    7. Lack of accountability at the top. No matter how badly they screw up, almost nobody gets fired, penalized, demoted, arrested. All signs of aristocracy, which we supposedly don't have either.
    8. Revolving door encarceration for life-long predators, that puts them back on the streets to prey on the innocent again. And again. And again....
    9. Educational policy that has crossed the line into criminal negligence and child neglect. Kids 100 years ago in one-room schoolhouses got a better education than most kids get today. Much more cheaply, too.
    10. General apathy.
  9. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Sergeant

    Well, I pronounce it nuke-lee-ur.:p

    Oh, nevermind, I'm not an official. Or am I?:confused:
    An official what?
  10. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    I feel your pain. I hate that too. It drives me crazy.
  11. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    You're an official Major Geek, for the last 50 posts or so. And what geek of any stipe would mis-pronounce nuclear? :D
  12. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Sergeant

    Oops. I misread your post and got it backwards. I guess I had it right in the first place. But I never know if I am pronouncing words correctly, since I grew up in Tennessee.:)
  13. Kodo


    People who don't admit to something and let someone else take the fall. That is, by far, my biggest pet peeve.
  14. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    It annoys me when I'm talking to someone online and they put their away message on without saying "i'll be back" or something.


    I also hate it when people sign off without saying goodbye.
  15. Kodo


    People who have a problem with me having a life and signing off IM without saying good-bye :p
  16. CaNoFzOo

    CaNoFzOo Sergeant Major

    Its rude when people do it. Its one of my biggest pet peeves.
  17. ArchAngel

    ArchAngel Sergeant

    I hate people who hate.:mad:
  18. SC4MP1

    SC4MP1 Private E-2

    1. racism
    2. prejudice
    3. the DMV
    4. slow drivers in the fast lane
    5. people that dont put new toilet paper on the roll when it runs out :mad:
    6. car alarms
    7. when the supermarket only has one checkstand open with 40 people waiting in line.
    8. getting taunted by 10 year olds in counter-strike :D
    9. the question: "A/S/L?"
    10. gas prices
    i decided not to include anything about our current government because it would have taken up most of my top 10 :D
  19. lostkiwi

    lostkiwi MajorGeek

    In no particular order:
    1. Rude people
    2. Bad manners
    3. Tailgaters
    4. Our high desert afternoon winds. Every day. still at least they are reliable unlike #5
    5. People who are ALWAYS late
    6. Terrorists or any other people that encroach on whatever rights I may have at a
    particular time.
    7. Thieves
    8. Flies
    9. News anchors that don't know when to shut up so fill live coverage with babble.
    10. Enviromentalists who let half our state burn and people lose lives and homes because they wouldn't let the forests be thinned.
  20. Fraunzonk

    Fraunzonk Private First Class

    hmm... top 10... things i hate.... hmm....

    1. FWD's (especially those chain letters)
    2. ppl that IM me while i'm playing a game and it screws up my game (i know i should just put up an away msg or something but still, it gets annoying)
    3. dial-up (although my only internet, it still sux)
    4. pop-ups, adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, worms, etc...
    5. english K-nig-hts (bit of Monty Python)
    6. getting up at 6 for class
    7. the game "elf-bowling," those poor elves....
    8. the "orlando bloom" fad, or ne fad based on a person (male, or female)
    9. crappy movies
    10. the way food looks so much better in commercials than at the restaurant

    oh and computer illiterate ppl! idk if i can add that in newhere....
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