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What is the best program to use to download TORRENT files?

Discussion in 'Software' started by superstar, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    What is the best program to use to download torrent files?

    Thank You
  2. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

  3. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Will I be able to download a file off of a webpage with that? I need a torrent program thing so I can download a file off of a torrent link on a webpage.
  4. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    Well typically you download the torrent file normally by just clicking on the link and saving it to your desktop and then you open your file in your bit torrent client of choice.
  5. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Well I'm going to take your word for it and install it since I also heard that it does not hog up much system ram. Wish me luck as this is my first time installing a torrent program and using one.

    Hopefully if I have problems you can help? lol. I know I suck!!!

    Anyways I'm going to try to install it now. Which version do I download though, the standalone or installation?
  6. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    I like uTorrent for that very reason. :) It's very low profile, has great features, and rather simple to use.

    The standalone is just an .exe that sits on your desktop. Nothing is technically installed but you can run the program. But if you want to have a start menu shortcut, and a file system behind it, then download the installer and it will install it just like a regular program.
  7. mulletgut

    mulletgut Private First Class

    uTorrent is the gear. Overcooked is right.
    If you nstall it and click a torrent link it should open with uTorrent by default. (Or at least it will ask if you would like that to happen.)
    This works in everything but Opera for me. Seems to not like torrent links in Opera.
  8. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Oh I see... the standalone one is just an exe, cool!

    So does that mean that I can just delete the exe whenever I want and the program is gone off my system for good? (I might want to do that soon as I won't need it for long)

    I mean when I installed the standalone one it just asked me if I wanted a menu shortcut but that was it. No "install to directory of choice", or other normal installation setup questions. I might get rid of this one day so I'd appreciate your answer.

    But you know what? To be really honest with you it seems really cool! The only reason I needed this program was because of friend of mine half way around the world has sound files he is sending me from songs he's recording with his group. And they are incredibly huge files! (wav format files, over 1gb). This program seems to recieve stuff really fast!!! Wow! If I did'nt recieve them this way I would have had to have him mail me a data dvd with the wav files so I can load them on my sound equipment and clean up the mistakes they make with the instruments. (I am a sound engineer)... If he mailed them to me it would take forever. He has a tendancy to forget things.
  9. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    Yep, Since it doesn't actually go through an installer, all you have to do is delete the .exe and it's no longer on your system. :)
  10. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Thanks for all the replies Overcooked, and Mulletgut. I really appreciate your feedback on this topic. Well even though I may not need this program everyday, it still seems as a good enough idea to keep this on my system for the long run as I may need it sometime again in the future. Though I rather install the "installation" version and uninstall this "standalone" exe version.

    I understand that all you have to do is delete the exe. I assume I will also have to delete menu startup icon and desktop icon it asked me to make as well. But there is one more thing. I read this on the utorrent site today while browsing:

    1. I want to delete that too! Where would that "%AppData%" thing be??? How do I find it so I can delete the utorrent folder?

    2. After that I want to install the "installation" version, but one more question. If I ever uninstall the "installation" version will I ever have to delete some sort of other folder like the one above in order to completely remove settings so when it's installed another time it is a fresh version without old settings jumping back at me?
  11. JustinHEMI05

    JustinHEMI05 Private E-2

    Hey while you are talking about torrents, can I ask what exactly is a torrent? Sorry if its a hijack but I think its on topic because I was thinking about this too. I am just not sure what torrent is. Thanks

  12. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    A torrent file is a small file used to track the file you're actually trying to download.

    To download something via bittorrent, you would find a website that posts torrent files, download the torrent for the file you are after, and then load it into your bittorrent client.

    Your client will then use the torrent file to find peers that are sharing out the actual file you are after, and begin downloading it from them.
  13. JustinHEMI05

    JustinHEMI05 Private E-2

    Ah thank you very much.

  14. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Start>Run type in %appdata%
    A window will open scroll down till you see utorrent folder and delete.

    %appdata% is just a shortcut to get to the hidden folder(Application Data), if you don't use the shortcut you have to make hidden files visible to navigate to that folder. The actual path is C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data

    I'm unsure if full install version deletes the utorrent folder in AppData.
  15. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    I love this site. You guys always give great information away. Thank you very much, and may information come your way one day! (Although I don't think you'll need it).

    Oh and hey JustinHEMI05 I'm testing this utorrent stuff out some more as I'm new to it too. Today I'm downloading "Ubuntu Linux Live" which is an open source operating system. I've always wanted to test that out... & wow it's downloading quick!!! But I think I will end it now and install the actual "installation" version of utorrent instead of this exe "standalone" version before I download it. I was just testing it's speed so I'm going to cancel it now.

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys could help me when I install the "full installation" version of utorrent. You see when you install it something comes up called "speed guide", which asks you to press a button to test your internet speeds (uploads/download speeds). & well it directs you to another site to test your speeds. Than you have to write a reasonable number in to use as your speeds. Like not to fast and not too slow. Is it alright if I do the speed tests and post what my upload/download speeds are so you can help me set it to the right speed for the utorrent program? I'm afraid I probably set it wrong. Not to mention I have been tickering with the settings out of curiousity. That's another reason why I'm installing the full version! Lol.
  16. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    Sure, we can tell you the correct settings if you post your download and upload speeds. :)
  17. JustinHEMI05

    JustinHEMI05 Private E-2

    Cool beans downloaded utorrent and have already downloaded two huge files in no time (well 1-2 hours) from demonoid.com. A couple of times, my connection crashed and I think its due to the settings you mention. I tested my download/upload speeds and my download speed is 2962 kb/s and my upload speed is 363 kb/s. Any suggestions on what I should set my utorrent settings to? THanks.

  18. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Well "OverCooked" I'll test my settings tonight!! I'm out of town but I'll test them tonight. Thank you for the response.
  19. superstar

    superstar Command Sergeant Major

    Okay OverCooked these are my results:

    Download Speed: 1592Kb/s
    Upload Speed: 622 Kb/s
    ISP: aol.com

    Please let me know how I should set the program...

    Thank You
  20. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I just ran utorrent's speed test on my connection. My results today were download=2766 upload=554. The basic rule is to take these numbers and divide by 8 to get the kB units that utorrent uses. So my max download in utorrent would be 345kB and my max upload would be 69.5kB.

    I've run the test a few times in the past and have gotten slightly better numbers but these are fairly accurate.

    Today the site testing was 1400 miles away so I'm not sure if my local phone/DSL line was buggy or if distance played a factor. I would use your speed test divided by 8 as a guide. If I had not just done utorrent's speed test, myself, I would have said divide your upload numbers by 8 and set the global max upload at 80% of that number--the usual formula. In my case that would set my global upload speed, too low, at 56kB. Having played around with my numbers, I find that I can upload at 76kB and not, generally, notice any decrease in my download numbers. This (76kB, my upload speed) is Speed Test results plus 10%.

    Looking at my speed test results I would say, use speed test results divided by 8 as a guide and when downloading a fast torrent, like Linux or OpenOffice, adjust (up or down) the global max upload speed by 8kB's to find your optimum speed, if you notice your download speed dropping dramatically at higher uploads speeds then decrease your uploads. Note that you must reserve a few kB's of "limited" upload bandwidth for utorrent to communicate effectively with various peers/sharers and thus be able to acknowledge the information packets being shared/received. So you never want to set you max uploads to the absolute maximum this will slow everything down (always knock a couple of kB's off the max).. You have to remember that bittorrent protocol is based on sharing. All ISP's let you download faster than upload. So, just because you might achieve settings that allow you to download very fast, you must still keep the torrent running after completion to ensure you have uploaded a fair/equal amount. :)


    Limiting download speeds is generally unnecessary as you rarely reach your connection's maximum.

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