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roryt2000 01-17-13 00:55

Low USB microphone recording volume in Windows 8 (AT2020)
Firstly, I know this sounds like a hardware issue considering it's with a USB microphone, but I'm completely convinced this is software related.

I've been using an AT2020 USB microphone for several years now on Windows Vista and on Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 8, the recording volume on it is extremely low. The hardware and software configurations are exactly the same on both. The only difference is the operating system. I've tested it several times just to be sure. I even have the same problem on another computer using the same type of mic. On Windows 7 I set the volume to ~30 and the recordings come out loud and clear. I do the same on Windows 8 and it's nearly inaudible. If I turn the volume up all the way, I can hear it a bit better but then it's distorted due to having the volume cranked up so much. The mic picks up sound just fine, so it's obviously not meant to work like that.

I'm almost completely certain this problem relates to something that has changed within Windows 8 itself and the way it handles USB audio. Something about it is not playing well with this microphone in particular (and probably other similar mics).

There are no actual drivers provided by the manufacturer, I've always just plugged it in and it has worked right away. So, updating these is obviously not possible.

What I have tried is switching out the stock Windows 8 USB audio drivers with the Windows 7 ones, but it didn't make a difference.

I've emailed both Microsoft and Audio Technica but as expected I received no help. If anyone could possibly point me in the right direction to getting this fixed, I'd really appreciate it.


Koentjeh91 02-27-13 19:16

Re: Low USB microphone recording volume in Windows 8 (AT2020)
Hello, I would like to know if you somehow fixed this problem, because I'm having the same issue.

Thanks in advance.

Colemanguy 02-27-13 20:05

Re: Low USB microphone recording volume in Windows 8 (AT2020)
In the recording options panel of the volumn control you might see something like mic boost, try looking for something like that that may be enabled on your seven pc and not on the win 8, i can't give you direct instructions as i dont have an windows 8 machine handy.

roryt2000 02-27-13 22:08

Re: Low USB microphone recording volume in Windows 8 (AT2020)
Unfortunately, I found no solution.

It has nothing to do with the volume or boost or any settings. Boosting the volume will just distort the audio quality. It's a problem with Windows 8 and this mic specifically (as well as a few others, apparently). I've gone back to Windows 7 but you can also just install Windows 7 in a VM. That works too.

As for an actual solution, I suggest sending an email to Audio Technica ( explaining the problem, so they know it's becoming more prevalent and will have to actually fix it.

Colemanguy 02-28-13 00:45

Re: Low USB microphone recording volume in Windows 8 (AT2020)
Well i apologize for trying to help.

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