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kdm3170 08-21-13 16:25

avg detected rootkit
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i downloaded some software that resulted in an IDP.Trojan.1F97A29B a Win32/Cryptor and Win32/DH{AA81} AVG caught and removed them no problem. After doing a full scan to check for anything else AVG detected a rootkit IDT entry #03 hook -> ntkrnlpa.exe which it was unable to clean. i uploaded the ntkrnlpa.exe file to virustotal ran a new analysis of it and it says its clean across all AV engines, AVG is up to date but is still detecting it as a rootkit. i followed your instructions on downloading the programs and running the scans, ill attach the logs. The things im noticing is occasionally my desktop will reload/refresh like if you had right clicked and clicked refresh, also the hard drive activity goes up for reasons i cant think of and in google chrome the url drop down menu has changed to stretch across the entire window instead of just the width of the url bar, ill upload a picture of that. i checked the running processes in task manager and dont see anything out of the normal so im hoping its just a false positive from AVG but any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

kdm3170 08-21-13 18:11

Re: avg detected rootkit
Here's the picture of URL menu on chrome

here's what its supposed to look like

Kestrel13! 08-22-13 13:38

Re: avg detected rootkit
If you are not purposely set up to use a proxy then please have Hitman fix the entry under the Repairs tab.

Before we continue I would like for you to use MSConfig to put this machine back into normal start up mode

Now I suggest that you uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.

Let me know how you get on.

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