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b1jqxk44 02-07-14 22:31

Need video codec
I,m looking for video codec (idzabqwYMS) it,s also called
ultimate codec 2014.exe The file is at (
but you have to do a survey and they want all of your personal info and credit
card no. I,m not into that, so were else can I look for this codec?

And all I want is to watch a movie

Just Playin 02-08-14 09:38

Re: Need video codec
Is the movie in question in theaters or on disc right now? I'm betting 'Yes'.

There is no Ultimate Codec 2014. Your movie is fake. It's a scam to get your CC info.

ChristineBCW 02-08-14 10:53

Re: Need video codec
Reminds me of certain W. C. Fields' film-titles...

b1jqxk44 02-08-14 13:55

Re: Need video codec
I figured it was a scam when I couldn,t change format of the movie to avi

Thank,s Just Playin

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