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dedknight 03-18-05 07:58

What the $%^& is C:\OEMDRVRS?
Hope this is in the right forum...

I Googled this folder (OEMDRVRS), and all I got was a bunch of hijackthis logs.
So I decided to ask the almighty Geeks!

It's 42.2 MB of Hewlett Packard stuff, but the thing is, I have a Gateway computer, and an Epson printer. *&!#*&^!@#)(&#*!

Nothing against HP, but where did it come from? Thanx!


WobblesRArt 03-19-05 14:16

Re: What the $%^& is C:\OEMDRVRS?
OEMDRIVERS OEM is the software that came with your computer…the basic driver to get, say the CD working, or any hardware or software….I have a compaq, and the oemdrivers, were the first drivers that they installed…….after you get every thing working under the OEM, then you can update, with new drivers, from their website……wobbbles

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