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Default Re: HiJackThis 1.99.1 vs TrendMicro HiJackThis

Yes since their current version foolishly changed from hijackthis_v2.exe back to hijackthis.exe.

While there is nothing technically wrong with using the new Trend Micro program, we prefer to use 1.99.1 because the output from it is less confusing and the new program offers no real advantages and has not fixed any of the major bugs. In addition, our download is a self-extracting file which will by default automatically install to the correct folder and all you need to do is rename it. So many people could not understand how to unzip a file and how to create a folder to unzip it too. It seemed like more than 50% of our issues with using HijackThis were related to this. The self-extracting download cured most of those issues. The only remaining problem is that people don't download from our link and that is just a lack of following instructions.
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