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Default TrojWare.JS.TrojanDownloader .Agent

Hello Master Malware Guru's,
I am having issues where Comodo has blocked and removed attacks from these 3 things here....

1.TrojWare.JS.TrojanDownloader .Agent.~EWH@226922441
2.TrojWare.JS.TrojanClicker .Small.~AC@226879074

I have had 84 of these attempts of intrusion,it is happening everytime i open a new page in Explorer 9, and it is starting to annoy the heck out of me , big up to comodo for stopping these attacks,but, I need reassuring that I am not infected, I have done a full system scan with comodo and a quick scan with MBam both showing clean, so was looking for the ok from the experts,I am in the process of completing the required steps in the RnR so will post logs as instructed shortly.

Logs to follow shortly.

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