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Old 02-12-05, 14:12
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Unhappy Cindy's father passed away

Cindy just called and told me her father just passed away. It went very quickly, and everyone was able to be there with him. Everyone is sad, but relieved that he is no longer suffering, as he was in a great amount of pain.

Kolya, Drexel, and I will be leaving tomorrow to be with the family. Kolya is doing very well with it, we had prepared her for it, and she knows he's not suffering anymore.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. I myself am also relieved that it is over, and that we can go out and be with everyone.

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"Everyone wastes time wishing they were somewhere else. If you can't be where you are, you're nowhere." (loose translation from Col. Potter, M.A.S.H. 4077)

"I wouldn't pray to God about Math, I'm fairly certain the Devil created it." - Wenchie
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Old 02-12-05, 14:18
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My condolences to your family Eric.
It's a good thing at this time that you have such strong faith to lean on.
Old 02-12-05, 14:29
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

I'm sorry to hear that he passed away.

My condolences as well.
Old 02-12-05, 14:37
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My condolences i know how it feels you lose a loved one atless he is not suffering anymore
Old 02-12-05, 14:41
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Cindy, please accept my heartfelt condolences for you and your family.

My father also passed away about three years ago. I do know how it feels to have someone that's been there all your life gone for good.

Eric, I'm sure you'll be grieving along with Cindy in this.

Take care.
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
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Old 02-12-05, 15:06
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Condolences to you and your's cindy, your father is no longer suffering, we hope you find peace in that.

Scott & Patty
Old 02-12-05, 15:12
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My condolences to your and your family. I am glad he didn't have to suffer too long at the end and is now at peace.

Old 02-12-05, 19:11
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Cindy and her family will be in my thoughts...
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Old 02-12-05, 20:38
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away


I am very sorry to hear about Cindy's father. My sincere condolences to your family.


Momma always said "be good".......but she's been wrong before.
Old 02-12-05, 22:49
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

So sorry to hear that, wishing you peace and love.

Life is grand!
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Old 02-13-05, 06:20
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Having all his close family with him in his final moments will have sent him on his journey with a last loving memory of all who cared and loved him.

My deepest sympathy for all the family.

Old 02-13-05, 15:51
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My sympathies to you guys. A close family in these situations is a shortcut on the healing path, and only a close family is able to appreciate a laugh born of such sadness.
Old 02-14-05, 16:45
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My deepest sympathy and condolences to You and everyone that knew him . I am extremely sorry for your loss.

Yet I am also glad to hear that he is no longer suffering .

Yours lovingly , T.O.G
Old 02-15-05, 15:31
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Cindy and family, my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to you.

My prayers are with you.
"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila." Mitch Ratcliffe

"Hitch your wagon to a star." Ralph Waldo Emerson
Old 02-12-05, 22:52
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My sincere condolences to Cindy and the family as well. Please convey my sympathy & wishes for many happy memories of him.
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Old 02-12-05, 23:19
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

My heart goes out to you and Cindy. May he rest in peace, with no more suffering.

Love and prayers. Wayne
"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" - Angela Schwindt
Old 02-12-05, 23:40
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Default Re: Cindy's father passed away

Thank you so much for all your warm wishes. It's been such an encouragement to me to check my email at the end of the day and find messages from my MG friends. It's been that extra support that really helped me through a couple of extra hard days.

Today was not a bad day. Wenchie was right, what more could you ask for? He was home, in his favorite chair, with his wife and all his children holding his hand and telling him how much he is loved, and that we were ready to let him go. He went so peacefully. His breathing had been slightly more labored through the night, and all of a sudden it was quiet. We sat down with him, and he breathed his last breathes much more relaxed. What more could you ask for? We sat around for about 45 minutes talking to him and telling stories before the hospice nurse came and then the funeral director (who is a family friend, making it that much easier) came and took his body. We spent the rest of the day making phone calls and telling stories. My brother John looked at me and said, let's all go down and make a big mess in his workshop and leave it! We all just about fell over laughing, because my Dad was meticulous about his tools. There are labels on everything, and signs all over his shop telling us kids to put things back when we're done. He had spelled out his last wishes so clearly, down to having typed up the directions to the restaurant he wanted us to go to after the funeral, so that all we had to do was photocopy it for the family.

We're going to have a viewing on Wednesday night and then the funeral on Thursday morning. I want Eric to be able to go away with his friends this weekend as they've had planned, so he will most likely be flying out Thursday night, but I will probably be staying with the kids here at my Mom's through the weekend. I think it will be a comfort to her to have the kids close by.

Thanks again for all your support. We really feel it.
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