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Software Software such as operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc., or specific programs.

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Old 01-11-07, 00:32
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Default Vista installation error: 0x80070241

i have searched the internet for hours looking for a solution to this and this is the best i could find

did not burn Windows Vista on a DVD-ROM, because I do not have a DVD-ROM, I have a CD/DVD Burner, and blank CD-ROMs, but no blank DVD-ROMs.

So I have used a program which turns the .ISO into a "virtual drive" ... something of that sort using a program called 'Alcohol 120%' ('ISOBuster' needed a serial for the program since it was a trial version to open 'setup.exe', so I couldn't use ISOBuster).

So I open 'setup' from that virtual drive that Alcohol 120% made, and everything goes fine up until it starts installing, on the first part of installing, it stops at 50%, and gives me the '0x80070241 error code', a screenshot is shown at the following link:

I really would like to install Windows Vista sometime ... it does not work for upgrading or installing (I installed on my 'C: drive'). I have also attempted moving the Windows Vista folder to my C:, and installing it from there, but that still does not seem to work, I still run into the exact same problems.

Some people talk about some kind of 'MD5 hashes' to solve the problem, but I have no idea what hashes are, if someone could explain that to me ...

I also found this guide on this forum:

Attention! Editorial staff did not verify information method, so that each using it, makes this at one's own risk! The discussion will deal with the error "An error occurred while copying Setup files onto your local machine. Error code is [ 80070241 ] ", that indicates" during the copying it is file to your machine it occurred the error... " We will attempt to solve this problem, without the repeated running off or the purchase of distributiva. By you two programs will be necessary for this. This Win32Dasm 10 and WinHex 11.8. It can be, other versions also approach, but the author removed trouble precisely by them. It is first necessary to copy all files from the adjusting disk to the hard disk. As an example, the files were copied into the folder of /.Vista. You should open file winsetup.dll (/Vista/sources/winsetup.dll) by application Win32Dasm (process of discovery it can engage prolonged time). After discovery, pass to the search (Search Find Text or simply press F3). In afterward search introduce "while copying Setup files" and switch over to the obtained line (this line only one in the code). Now you should begin to move in the lines upward, until you find the following text: "JNE 448797B4". Possibly, numbers will be different, but command "JNE" (or JE) compulsorily must be in other words, you must prove to be on the proximity of the following text: Code: Cmp DWORD Ptr... jne... push.. push.. call.. push.. Now produce dual flick in line jne in order to isolate it. After isolation, on the line of state; there you must find the following: "@Offset 00068D07h" (number they can be others). Write down this line, after discarding @Offset in the beginning the last letter h. Further pass in WinHex and open the same winsetup.dll. The collection of the numbers and symbols will appear before you. Press Alt+.G (or pass in menu Position Goto offset). There you must introduce the number (in my case this 0068D07) recorded by you. After pressure ok, you will see the following line: Code: 00068D00 01 00 00 00 39 75 F8 0F 85 A7 00 00 00 56 56 ff If in this line you have number 85, then you will replace it to 84. If you have by 84, you must change it for 85. Then you will preserve changes in the file. After the completion of these actions, you will neglect installation (/Vista/Sources/setup.exe) and wait, until the first stage appears. Further, anything touching in the installation, pass in conductor (pushing of knob start on the keyboard and the selection of conductor), and then into the root of disk C: =, where two folders were created. In one of them there is podpapka sources, where you should copy files boot.wim, and install.wim. After copying you can continue installation. Author: udman_.xakep

Although I cannot seem to understand it very well. I installed Win32Dasm, and opened the file. I could not find the actual "while copying Setup files" text, but I did run the 'finder text' tool, and the finder text tool said it found it and directed me to that part, even though I did not see that actual text ... so I am not sure if it was really there. So I proceeded to scroll up anyway to find the 'JNE 448797B4', but I couldn't find even any 'JNE' text, so I really just gave up from there.

Some people say that it works after the burn it onto a DVD-ROM, and some people say that it still does not work, and they still get the same error. Would it be possible to erase a DVD-ROM and then burn it onto there? I'm not sure if I can find one somewhere ... I don't particularly want to buy DVD-ROMs, as they are quite expensive and I rarely burn DVDs (forget about even knowing how to burn them...).

Well, I would extremely appreciate anymore help someone can give me to fix this problem. Thank you very much in advance!
he then says in his next post

Nevermind, I have found a solution to this.

I then proceeded to install Windows Vista.

I used my computer with Vista for a week.

It slowed my computer down terribly (not to mention which has 1 GB of RAM (well, at least I consider 1 GB of RAM a lot).

So then I reformatted back to Windows XP.

And I am now happy. =)
then he stops posting

first of all the guide he mentions is really confusing... does it work or could it work?

i only have a cd burner so i do not have an option of burning the iso

i have had vista build 5744 and wanted to upgrade... i did not have any install errors but i was installing to a dif HD then windows was installed too

any thoughts

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Old 01-11-07, 12:44
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Default Re: Vista installation error: 0x80070241



Hi. I know this is an old thread now but i found a solution to this problem whilst surfing the web. Instead of downloading the entire file from Microsoft (which is no longer possible). Download a torrent and open and set it to download over the top of the .iso you already have. It will do a hash check of the existing file and only download the corrupt pieces. I only had 1 corrupt piece but thats all it takes . This will work because error 80070241 is caused by data corruption in the iso file. This can even occur after you have already used the image to install Vista (i.e transferring to another computer for storage. Thats what happened to me it became corrupt after transferring acrossing my wireless network to store the image file.) After following those steps i was able to install Vista after mounting it with Daemon tools. I know have a perfectly working dual boot of Vista and XP Pro. Hope i was able to help if anyone was still trying to figure this one out.
i did what he said and it works... 1 hash failed

for future reference anyone that has this same problem download this torrent
torrent includes

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (x86) RTM downloaded directly from Microsoft Connect.
so it should be ok to put here if not please remove

Old 01-11-07, 12:47
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Default Re: Vista installation error: 0x80070241

No, its not ok.
Old 01-11-07, 12:53
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Default Re: Vista installation error: 0x80070241

In fact, I'm going to close this. This is the second time I've told you that this stuff isn't allowed.
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