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2.8ghz p4 overclock

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by plecostos, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. plecostos

    plecostos Private E-2

    My shuttle mobo came with really crudy overclocking features in the BIOS, even though it said it had better. Updated Bios, no help. all the bios has is a fsb changer, and at about 153fsb windows starts screwing up.

    my question: is their a way to manually change things like voltage on the cpu? or is their some software that can do these things?

    i know chances are slim that i'll get anything with this post...

    2.8ghz D0 p4 @ 3023.522
    512mb pc2700
    AV49N shuttle
    Radeon 7500 (dont laugh)
    80gb WD 8mb
    420w raidmax
  2. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    first off, did you lock the pci frequencies? it's important to do so since that may be the key cause for instability. just a thought.

    there is a way to manualy change the voltage, and that's by shorting a few pins on the P4, fooling it to getting more voltage. try it at your own risk too.
  3. Ironsnipe

    Ironsnipe Private First Class

    Yeah the fsb is about all you can bump up on a p4. Unfortunately the multiplier is factory locked. See if your bios has a vcore setting and do minimal increases in it if it does. Too much at once and you could fry the sucka. Also see if the mobo has a pci lock feature to lock the frequencies of the pci slots to 33mhz or whatever this is.
  4. plecostos

    plecostos Private E-2

    all the bios has is a pci lock and fsb frequency.

    thanks for your help.
  5. Ironsnipe

    Ironsnipe Private First Class

    No problem and that's all you need for overclocking until you hit the ceiling of not being able to up the voltage. But that's really dangerous and you need really nice cooling to be able to up the voltage without serious damage.

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