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access vba issues

Discussion in 'Software' started by bev a, May 1, 2006.

  1. bev a

    bev a Private E-2

    I am creating a series of access databases that connect to each other via buttons on a form -- ie... click a button and another db opens with it's main form. I created this system in MSAccess 2003 in 2000 format. On my development machine which is running office 2003, everything works perfectly, but as soon as I move the system to another machine running office 2000 (which is what most of my end users have) the program does not work. I am using a 'createobject(access.application) followed by an opencurrentDatabase and openForm for the link between the programs. I am hopelessly confused as to why it works on one machine and not the other if the database format is 2000.I seem to have all the correct references set as far as I can tell. What does happen is I get 'ghost' Msaccess sessions created, but the secondary database/form will not display. I have to go into task manager and actually delete the sessions to clear out memory. any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I hope I explained this somewhat clearly - it is confusing to me........
    Bev A.:eek:

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