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AIM Not showing people online

Discussion in 'Software' started by unclematty, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. unclematty

    unclematty Private First Class

    When logged in, not all of my buddies that are online are shown to be online. Sometimes I get messages from buddies who have been online for hours and prior to their message they were not shown as online.

    Any Idea why?
  2. mr_flea

    mr_flea First Sergeant

    Maybe they blocked you ;)

    Try reinstalling AIM or something like that.
  3. Vlad902

    Vlad902 Guest

    Are you running the newest client and have you tried re-installing?
  4. jawpaul

    jawpaul Private E-2

    I believe that there is(or was) a limit on how many people can see a screenname online. I was thinking that it was around maybe 800 "watchers" or something, I remember that it used to say this in my status box when I connected to aim using trillian. There is also a limit to how many people you can have on your buddy list at one time also. When I used trillian and exceeded this it would just glitch and not show some people online when I knew they were on.
  5. Ezaxs99

    Ezaxs99 Ether Person

    Does AIM have the same option as Yahoo?....
    To be online Invisible?...I know when on Yahoo and I get Messages from
    People on my list their Icon still reports they are Offline.....I get the active
    message and can speak to them but when I enter my message the window pops
    up that says they are offline...but they are still live and let me know they are
    invisible.....I am thinking that AOL has the same pref.
  6. mr_flea

    mr_flea First Sergeant

    No, it doesn't

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