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ATI Gigabyte 9800pro Drivers

Discussion in 'Software' started by Johner, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    I am curious, when fresh install window, then download 3.4 drivers from ATI, do I need to download control panel too? Or is it better to download drivers from gigabyte. They look all same to me. I noticed in 3D and GL setting is pretty much same thing. what different between 3D and GL for ATI? I am asking cuz they both look identical.
  2. DOA

    DOA MG's Loki

    They are different renders, use GL when you have a choice.
    I always check the control panel version when I do the drivers.
  3. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    Mastertech, in your opinion, which video card would you get? I been wondering if Gigabyte video card is not a good choice cuz of their motherboards. I plan to RMA gigabyte and switch to ATI's Radeon or others, maybe nvidia. But before I do, I want to hear your feedback. I am interest in stability, high performance, and error free. Also I noticed Leadtek 5800 has 400mhz core and 800mhz memory and gigabyte 9800pro has 380mhz and 680mhz memory plus leadtek is cheaper and I had two of leadtek video cards for long time. I like where I can play games for hours without crash, error, etc. So which video card you recommend or your preference video card? thanks.
  4. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    I RMAed Gigabyte 9800pro and ordered for pure ATI radeon 9800pro yesterday. I didnt know ATI 9800pro cannot be RMA for refund until today. So I am stuck with this card, at least it good enough for price and overall compare to Gigabyte's. Hercules is more expensive. I been using Nvidia for so long, I havent had taste radeon yet. So, I will determine which next card for next year to get after experiencing Radeon and review your feedbacks. After I install win xp, the first thing is
    1.update win xp including sp1 (except drivers)
    2. install motherboard chipset drivers
    3. install video card drivers
    2. install video card drivers
    3. install mobo chipset drivers?
    I caught your other post relating to Abit. I find it useful info. thanks. :)
  5. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    I just got ATI 9800pro today, pure of course :) Now all I need to wait for my new Epox board to arrive. I dont like installation cd that came with my new video card, cuz it doesnt installed just control panel & drivers, but also install 2 or 3 more crap stuff. Plus the drivers is old, 3.1 verison :eek: No custom install on cd in install part, so when my epox board arrive, I will just go ati website and download the lastest 3.4 drivers and control panel after fresh install & set up windows. At least, I am avoiding Gigabyte manfactuer's products. btw thanks for tip.
  6. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    maybe I just had bad luck with gigabyte motherboard. Do you mean gigabyte motherboard had been reliable for pentium base? and AMD too? About gigabyte video card I got, it might be reliable too but I didnt want take chance. Maybe gigabyte doesnt mix well with me. which gigabyte motherboard do you think is best?

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