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Avast slowing computer down

Discussion in 'Software' started by hateuall, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. hateuall

    hateuall Private First Class

    1.I just switched from Anti Vir to Avast and noticed my computer slowed down significantly. Even my startup has slowed. I tried normal settings and still it is slow but it did help some. Is Anti Vir really worse tha Avast. I just want the best free version of virus protection I can get.

    2. If Avast is slowing me down what else do you recommend. I went to a Virus Bulletin site and I was wonering for free home virus protection sofware which is most effective for xp sp1.
  2. Mr.X

    Mr.X Private E-2

    Im using 4.5 pro, its been a while since I used the free avast (4.0 I think).

    Make sure you have completly uninstalled any other anti-virus prog you may have had, and also go into the settings interface, and make sure you don't have extra services running that you dont need (like im protection, p2p,etc), and also check the settings for "boot scan".
    Mine is set to quickscan at startup, so things run a little slow for about 4 minutes after a reboot, then all is well.

    Thats all I can think of, I used to use pccylin and made the switch to avast because it seemed less slugish, but I have never tried Anti Vir, so I can't help with a comparison there, hope this helps ya!
  3. Learning As I Go

    Learning As I Go Sergeant

    I've been using Avast for a while now, and I have never seen any problems. I do have SP2, so I can't promise that their isn't a conflict with SP1. Avast was my first and only anti-virus program, so the previous post is probably dead on.

    Good luck,

  4. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    There is no conflict with SP1 or SP2 that I know of I have severl pc's running Avast (free) with sp1 & sp2
    Avast is Numer 1, IMO
  5. pompste

    pompste Private First Class

    Hi,make sure you have VRDB disabled in Avast--if enabled it really slows things down.I`ve had mcafee,norton,--all bloatware really,and of all the free AV programs,AVAST 4.5 is really the most complete of all.
    Good luck
  6. eclayton

    eclayton Sgt. Shorts-cough

    What does VRDB do, what are the implications of turning it off, and how do you turn it off? I couldn't find any options for it....
  7. pompste

    pompste Private First Class

    Right click the avast icon in system tray,highlight VRDB,then disable it IF it`s enabled----it`s usually disabled by default.
  8. solaris89

    solaris89 First Sergeant

    VRDB=Virus Recovery Data Base; if you get hit with a virus and you have VRDB running, it will restore your system back to the state it was in before the virus hit (kind of like an anti-virus system restore). I don't see the logic in shutting it down as it is a nice cushion to have in case of a problem, but to each his own.
  9. MellowMan

    MellowMan First Sergeant

    you should splurge /fork over $39 and give NOD32 a try.
  10. eclayton

    eclayton Sgt. Shorts-cough

    Avast is 39.00 cheaper. ;) :D
  11. eclayton

    eclayton Sgt. Shorts-cough

    Thanks! I disabled it. I need as few processes running as possible. :)

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