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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LAIGOjr., Jan 21, 2005.

  1. LAIGOjr.

    LAIGOjr. Private E-2

    I was wondering.......since I'm new, I don't really know my way around and all :confused: :eek: so..........HOW DO YOU GET AN AVATAR?! It's not that important.....but I want a little.........personality.......as I'm sure we all do ;)
    THANX.......if you help me....... :p

    - LAIGo...........jr.
  2. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Welcome to MG!

    On the top menu bar of MG (the very first option on the left) you will see the link named 'User CP' click on that then you will see a list of option listed as a tool bar on the left hand side, one of them will be name 'Edit Avatar', the rest you can manage I am sure...... ;)
  3. LAIGOjr.

    LAIGOjr. Private E-2

    THANK YOU!!!! :eek:
  4. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Don't mention it, again welcome to MG!! :)
  5. mew2

    mew2 Sergeant Major

    welcome to major geeks 'jr :)
  6. ICeMaN

    ICeMaN Master Sergeant

    MajorGeeks runs it's forums on a software package called vBulletin, which also allows you to upload your own avatar :) Just do a google search for Free Forum Avatars, there's tons of them out there :)
  7. Turcoloco

    Turcoloco MajorGeek

    Additionally, you could use any of your existing image files such as bitmap (.bmp), gif and jpg to name a few.
    So if you have a pic you'd like to use as an avatar such make sure you resize it to 64x64 pixels at the most and the total file (image) size should not exceed 8Kb (8000 bytes).
    You could right-click on someone's avatar then 'Properties' and on the general page you should be able to see image psecific information, such as the file size and its dimensions. ;)
  8. mew2

    mew2 Sergeant Major

  9. Learning As I Go

    Learning As I Go Sergeant

    My goodness she's an independent little thing :rolleyes: .

    Thanks everyone, I'll walk her through it if she can'tfigure it out.

    She kinda cheated a little (she's not quite the required age limit)

    But don't tell anyone. Shhhhhhh - it'll be our little secret.

    Pardon me everyone - Dad moment:

    I so greatful you are a part of my real life, and I'm looking forward to having you be a part of my virtual life.

    Just remember. You are most likely the youngest one here, so please be respectful of others and you will be well received. ;)

    BTW: Also, under the UserCP - turn on you Private Message option. I tried to send you one yesterday, but it has to be activated manually. That way I can spare everyone all this touchy, feely stuff. ;)

    LAIGo SR. ;)
  10. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Wow neat LAIGo Jr .. WELCOME to Majorgeeks :)
  11. AbbySue

    AbbySue MajorGeeks Administrator

    Tis ok..that's not really an issue, just a formality....we have others here that are 'underage' but we try real hard to keep things family friendly for everyone.

    @ LAIGOjr...Welcome to MG! [​IMG]

    If you would like a more personalized avatar let me know what kind of things you like and I'll make some...might even come up with something you like;):D
  12. Learning As I Go

    Learning As I Go Sergeant

    Please do.

    If you can't find something you like, definitely take her up on it.

    I mean look at hers, it's awsome. ;)

    Thanks AbbySue!

    BTW: Abby took the liberty of activating your PM for you, so if you haven't already ............. look up ^ and over >. ;)

  13. LAIGOjr.

    LAIGOjr. Private E-2

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP! I will start looking ASAP.
    ABBY- I like your Avatar, and I'm sure I will take your up on your offer!!! :)



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