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best way to cool down hard drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mcadam, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    ok took out my hard drive the other day to install a friends for him and it was toasting when i got it out. i don't want to water cool as i have a low budget and no water supply coming into here, also i don't want to risk any leaks and know nothing about it! so is the best option to buy a hard drive cooling rack that sits underneath the hard drive? bare in mind too that i'm buying a zorro case with 3 fans built in!
  2. Nitrowing

    Nitrowing Specialist

  3. ~Pyrate~

    ~Pyrate~ MajorGeek

    i have something like the speeze and the akasa seen in the previous post and my temps never get higher than 95 ... though they have gone to 110 but that was in an extreme situation
  4. Strogg

    Strogg 5-Star Freakin' Geek

    i just use a standard 120mm fan. most computer cases have a place where you can install at least an 80mm fan right by the hard drives. if you can put one there, the drive should be cooled to safer levels.
  5. OverCooked

    OverCooked <a href="http://www.acrodata.com/fun/waaa.jpg">Hop

    I agree with Strogg.

    I have a 80mm fan right in front of my HDD. Keeps it cool enough. Also make sure you have good airflow. Having cool air around the HDD will keep the HDD cool. :)

    Dont worry about spending alot on keeping the HDD cool. I just have the one fan and its kool enough for me. :)



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