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Bios Flash

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sleepygamer213, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. sleepygamer213

    sleepygamer213 First Sergeant

    Going to flash my Powercolor X800GT 256MB with the new bios and was wondering which program to use to do this...
  2. Clark_Kent

    Clark_Kent MajorGeek

    Is something wrong with your card???

    You knows if thing go bad you could scrap your videocard so be carefull.

    anyway here a link for flash program for your card:


    The program is nvflash 5.13
  3. Clark_Kent

    Clark_Kent MajorGeek

  4. sleepygamer213

    sleepygamer213 First Sergeant

    Nothing is wrong with the card... but i feel i am not getting my right FPS.... my old 9600XT 128MB got 72+ FPS in CounterStrike... and My X800GT 256MB only gets 100 and lower FPS.... I hear the bios update increases FPS by 10% from bjorn3d.... for my exact card..

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