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cannot clear clipboard

Discussion in 'Software' started by Tipan, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Tipan

    Tipan Private E-2

    I hope I can make myself clear. My OS is windows XP pro, Browsers IE and Firefox. and 602 suite as my word processor. Have had this set up for years.
    I have been writing reports in my word processor then save to my report file and then copy them as required to my email as attachments and have been doing this for years. To day I wrote a report and after correcting the word forthcoming by means of spell check saved my report as usual to my report file, then composed my email and when i went back to my report to copy it as an attachment the copy option was greyed out and not available to me only "paste" when clicked the word "forthcoming" appeared on my report. I then found out that all the other files in my report file although copied before was now no longer available to copy.
    How can I open the clipboard if this is where this word is to delete it, Ive tried every way i know of to delete, without success, or please, if you have any other idea of solving my problem
    Many thanks
  2. Tipan

    Tipan Private E-2

    OK Fixed it, thanks all

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