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Cannot Open / Run .exe files

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by funkyirishman, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. funkyirishman

    funkyirishman Private E-2

    ok Noobie question

    somebodys buggered up my pc

    Cannot access any program when I click on Icon comes up with
    Windows cannot open this file needs to know what program created it
    Ran MS antispyware and the real time protection is inactive when I go to activate it come up with 'could not start the security agents' Also have ad-aware SE and Ad Watch I think the problem lies there somewhere ??

    Cannot open .exe files have to right click and choose the program

    did virus scan and spyware but nothing ??

    Cannot run downloaded .exe files or regedit ??

    Dont know if its a registry problem?
    any idea how to fix it

  2. BrokenArrows

    BrokenArrows Sergeant

  3. funkyirishman

    funkyirishman Private E-2

    Yeah came across that thanks

    But as you said I cannot run regedit

    When I type it in all I get is windows cannot open this file regedit.exe and I dont now what program to select to open it ??
  4. Triaxx2

    Triaxx2 MajorGeek

    Have you got the option set to display known file extensions? Or hide them? If it's set one way, and doing the other, you might have spyware. How are you getting to the internet, if you can't run an EXE?
  5. funkyirishman

    funkyirishman Private E-2

    Where can I find out about the display of File Extensions ?

    Ran the Microsoft Antispyware & Ad Aware but could not find any spyware
    Also did online virus checks

    I can get on the net by right clicking icon and choosing the progra m to open file with i.e Firefox.

  6. Triaxx2

    Triaxx2 MajorGeek

    If you've got Window's 98, there's an option on the Start Menu > Settings > Folder Options. Or through an open window such as my computer, and the view menu > Folder Options. The middle tab, one of the settings is marked: Hide extensions for known file types.

    And on the same window on the third tab is marked file types. One is marked applications. That should say opens with: [EXECUTABLE]
  7. funkyirishman

    funkyirishman Private E-2

    Checked the folder option and it has ticked 'Hide Extensions for Known File Types'
    Then checked File Types there is no file type application is this my problem ?

    Running windows Xp Pro
  8. funkyirishman

    funkyirishman Private E-2

    Well after a lot or trial and error and swearing got the exe files to work

    Now all I need is to get a fix for the lnk files to work on my desktop

    Tried fixlink and linkfile but no joy

    any other suggetions ?
  9. cronos123

    cronos123 Private E-2

    Dude I have the same exact problem. I cannot run regedit or command.com. All short keys dont work and Internet explorer does not work. Pretty much all files ending in .exe. But for some reason i can open my files with .zip, .pdf, and .doc.

    I get to the internet using Firefox exactly the same...

    Need your help!!!
  10. propertopper

    propertopper Private E-2

    I have the same problem.

    Cannot run .exe files

    Cannot get into the registry.

    Have to access internet (which seems fine) via my computer, then type in urls from there.

    Can run outlook and media player but only since I used some kind of patch or registry thingy posted elsewhere.

    Cannot run any type of virus checker.

    Basically I'm knackered.

    I'm running XP Pro but don't have the installation disk otherwise I'd have backed up my music, photos etc and done a reinstall.

  11. gadz

    gadz Private E-2

  12. gadz

    gadz Private E-2

  13. JustLiam

    JustLiam Private E-2

    I have the same issue... I had a virus on my computer. When Norton did its thing to remove the virus, Im guessing it removed some system file needed to run programs. Whenever I tried launching anything, (ex. task manager, Access Connections etc..) msg comes up saying, "please choose the program you wish to use to open this program"(or something like that). This is why the one guy above stated he was able to open Firefox. He chose "OPEN WITH FIREFOX". If I knew what program windows uses to open regedit, or taskmanager, I think I would be able to launch it. Sounds like windows is missing the file that communicates HOW to open a specific file or program....
    Anyway, does anyone know the fix for this? Im lost.
  14. prononames

    prononames Private E-2

    I also have this same problem which I got today... It said something about C:\WINDOWS\System32\mslmrytz.exe being missing then I couldn't open any exe. files. When I go to one it just pops up with the "open with" thing. I can't use regedit or anything else of the sort.

    Also funkyirishman, how did you manage to get your exe. files working again?
  15. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    This thread is from 2005.
    you each need to click the New thread button here http://forums.majorgeeks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=21
    because first old threads are not dredged up, unless you have a solution
    second, you do not tack your problem onto a thread that someone else started (that is called hijacking a thread)
    third the problem is software not hardware so it doesn't belong in this part of the forum.

    Remember to click the New Thread button at the left top, start a new thread and state a) what operating system you are running b) when the problem started c) any new software or hardware added d) anything you tried to fix the problem e) any error messages that show when you try to do something.
  16. pvmmvp

    pvmmvp Private E-2

    Hi liam! i have same problem and notice from net that others have it too BUT i can't find a single solution. the idea that windows is corrupted/file missing seems most logical but what?

    i noticed in file associations that application does not appear until i try to add a new exe extension and then from somewhere windows remembers that application is already defined. then application appears in extension list! but still it cannot open an exe file.

    did you solve this? has anyone solved this? HELP please!
  17. pvmmvp

    pvmmvp Private E-2

    hi everyone! i've solved it - rather, found the solution - on this link:


    maybe the answer is on this website too but i couldn't find it.

    This is definitely a registry corruption problem and there are fixes out there to correct it. The problem is it's a challenge to open regedit when exe files cannot be actioned!! The link above gives some ideas but i managed, by sheer chance, to open regedit by right clicking the program and selecting open. for the above solution you can't import the fix but right click it and select merge.

    why enter regedit? to take a back up! (export) - thoroughly recommend that even if registry is corrupted. if you have registry back ups you might try a simple replacement of registry files (at your own risk) or if you manage to enter regedit to import the back ups - i'm not technical enough to know if this will work.

    i'm writing this because i've spent about 4 hours trying to correct this problem today so i hope someone out there will be able to short cut the process by reading this. Please reply here if my blog has been useful or not.

    i run xp.
  18. jlphlp

    jlphlp Master Sergeant


    As Tria has already said "You could not get to the internet if EXEs can't be run". There is no association necessary for exe, com or bat files. The are executables and Windows automatically runs them. You cannot OPEN an Exe or COM. About the only reason not to be able to run them is that they are not what you think they are or are corrupt an no longer executable. Maybe this will help a little.

    Good Luck, Jim
  19. pvmmvp

    pvmmvp Private E-2

    not so, abcdefgh!

    This problem will upset those with logical minds because its manifestations are irregular. You CAN run some exe files but judging by my experiences and various blogs i can't detect a common pattern.

    in my case i was able to fire up firefox and thunderbird from the start menu (but not from other shortcuts) where in start menu preferences i had selected firefox as my browser and thunderbird as my email program. if you haven't done this then locate the application exe file, right click and try some of the options there such as open. this worked for me to open regedit as i've reported before.

    if you really cannot get onto internet after all this use someone else's computer or reinstall windows (drastic).
  20. maaaggee

    maaaggee Private E-2

    im i cant run some stuff on my computer i was stupid and downloaded something and it said FATAL ERROR. A comand prompt came up and copied files. I spiked my computer and now i have these problems:
    -.exe r corrupted
    -.exe files try to run as window media player files
    -cannot go 2 run
    -task manager file doesnt come up and now says (disabled by administrator even though i am admin)
    -can't bring up command prompt
    -many other files are just short cuts
    -system restore trys to run as a window media player file

    I can do somethings with internet files such as i can go on warcraft 3 even though i to use a replay file

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help me i will be eternally grateful!
  21. pvmmvp

    pvmmvp Private E-2

    Please read my post - you've probably got a corrupted registry.
  22. Domain1

    Domain1 Private E-2

    In most of the documents it clearly says to rename regedit.exe to regedit.com and then you can run regedit. :-D
  23. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Please don't reply to posts that are a month old. If you have an issue, you need to start your own thread.
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