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Cannot un-install McAfee or install TMIS

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by Dawniepoo, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. Dawniepoo

    Dawniepoo Private E-2

    So we now have Trend Micro Internet Security, but I cannot install it. It says McAfee Internet something is inastalled and to uninstal it first, but it is gone and still says it is on here. WHAT DO I DO?? I have been through all the steps in the do this first post, except foir the online virus scan - beause I am unable to go to anything like Trend Micro or Symantec or McAfee. Please help me get rid of this stupid program and get this thing back online properly. What do I do? Thanks. :D
  2. Kodo


  3. Dawniepoo

    Dawniepoo Private E-2

    I cant download it - maybe something set wrong but I need help to know what that is. When I click on the download link (any of them) I get a window that says that Spybot S&D has blocked Avenue,A Inc. ???

    What do I do so I can download this?

    thanks again :)
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2004
  4. Dawniepoo

    Dawniepoo Private E-2

    Ok I got it from the manufacturers site. Will be back to let you know. Thanks
  5. Dawniepoo

    Dawniepoo Private E-2

    Did Not Work!!!

    I tried RegSupreme and no go. Still says McAfee is installed and will not let me install Trend Micro PC-Cillin. It says the McAfee.com Virus Scan Online is currently installed. How can I get rid of it? I don;t see it anywhere or see any way to get rid of it tht I have not tried. Thanks again!
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2004
  6. Kodo


    Re: Did Not Work!!!

    do a backup of your registry at this point and then search for anything that says NETWORK ASSOCIATES in the registry (whole string) and remove it from the registry.
  7. Mitigator

    Mitigator Private E-2

    Uninstalling McAfee is easiest done by knowing exactly which version you had, and getting instructions from McAfee's website. It involves going through your registry and finding each successive line per instructions and deleting each one. Remember to turn OFF system restore Prior to starting any of this or the circle will repeat and it won't be fun. In fact, you'll need to delete all system restore points anyway, so start by a diskclean/advanced/clean restore points, making sure system restore is off. Then follow instructions from McAfee site which is posted in help files per version you had.
  8. Kodo


    I fail to see your reasoning with system restore. It is only active when you manually create a restore point. It doesn't create restore points for you. Further more it only will have an effect if you use that restore point to restore to a previous "point".
  9. Dawniepoo

    Dawniepoo Private E-2

    Honestly, I fail to see the point of anythign Mitigator posted because as I said in the first place I COULD NOT GO TO ANY ANTIVIRUS WEBSITES>>>hence the problem.

    HOWEVER - I took the advice of you, Kodo, and deleted everythign in the registry that said McAfee. Worked like a charm and I got hte computer up and runnign again, totally de-bugged, and no having to wipe it all out.

    Thanks, ya'll - coudl not have done it without your help!! HAve a great day!


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