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Cloning XP

Discussion in 'Software' started by ashwad, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. ashwad

    ashwad Private E-2

    Here's how I successfully cloned XP:

    1) I installed WinRescue XP and backed up my Windows configuration
    2) I created a partition the same size as my C drive with Partition Magic 5.0 (DOS)
    3) I started XP and cloned by C drive
    4) I did not let my computer restart, I disconnected my C drive and connected my new drive as the C drive (master)
    5) I booted to DOS, ran Partition Magic and set the new partition as active
    6) I rebooted to DOS ran WinRescueXP (wnresqxp.exe) and restored my backup
    7) then I booted to Windows, no problems

    One note, when you run WinRescue to restore you must put a floppy in the drive. It doesn't matter what's on the floppy. The program just searches for a floppy before it begins, and it will give error codes, but the process will complete successfully.

    I hope this information helps someone

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