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Costco shipping agent malware email opened in error on my iPhone 3GS 4.3.3 HELP!

Discussion in 'Smartphones and Tablets - Software' started by Leighs, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Leighs

    Leighs Private E-2

    I've stupidly opened an email from Costco that once opened, I realised it wasn't right. I've deleted it & googled to find that it is indeed a scam. Not clear if it's a phishing scam (I didn't do anything other than click on the link form) or a trojan malware scam. My iPhone is old, 3 GS 4.3.3, I've changed my hotmail password on my husbands iPhone and just want to check if I can do anything to minimise the effect of a malware attack.
    I'm also concerned that when I went I to hotmail, the message:

    Your messages are in your POP folder!some other program is set to download and delete your messages from outlook. Just in case this was an accident, we've put them in a special pop folder. Nor an accident? Change settings.

    My iPhone isn't set to POP but dub-m.

    Any help would be so gratefully recieved, I'm very concerned!
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Very unlikely that if any malware was attached to the scam email, would have affected your iPhone (especially if its not been Jailbroken), now if you had clicked the link and entered any account data in a page that opened from the spam email then that could have been a problem, but you did the right thing and deleted the email and changed the Hotmail password.

    As for the Hotmail message that could possibly be that the Hotmail account is being managed more from an app on the iPhone, this Hotmail (more so being now migrated to Outlook [online]) online now has more security built in and as a consequence of that is questioning, is the app on your iPhone correct and if you have the options set to Delete off Server.

    So this POP folder is a backup just in case the phones app should not be set to delete deleted messages, if you do want that action on the iPhone and its app, then click the Change Settings option in the Online Hotmail message you gained.

    How or what app do you use on the iPhone to read emails (Hotmail)?
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