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CPU Cache?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by reliK, May 13, 2004.

  1. reliK

    reliK Private E-2

    Hi was looking into buying a new mobo/cpu to play planetside with.
    I want a 3.0 ghz, I found 2 P4 3.0s but one has 512K cache and the other is double that.
    Is the cache useful and is it worth the extra money? thanks!
  2. DanTekGeek

    DanTekGeek Master Sergeant

    short answer? a larger cache will make your computer run faster. but for playing planetside, i dont think that it is worth more than 50 bucks extra
  3. ChrisC

    ChrisC Private First Class

    The large cache one is hte PRESCOTT cored P4, the 512 is the Northwood.
    Get the 512k, that core, despite having less cache, is:
    a) faster
    b) uses less power, and by extension,
    c) produces less heat
    d) both overclock relatively similiarly
    e) Many motherboards CPU power circuitry is, well, inadequate at supplying the necessary power. It does, but the circuitry gets *very* hot. Its too early to tell if that will affect motherboard life, but I suspect it will.

    Get the 512K core :)

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