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cs black screen at start up

Discussion in 'Software' started by kOOmoO, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. kOOmoO

    kOOmoO Private E-2

    hi u guys thanks for viewing

    Whenever i start up counter-strike 1.6
    it shows the 2 Cts holding their guns, u know when u load up CS it shows the 2 guys and then the menu pops up : find server, friends list ect.

    well when that shows up EVERTHING TURNS BLACK everything i get a blank screen, i can only see my mouse. i move the mouse around i can hear the clicks of the menus when i go over them. i than have to alt+tab and click on counter-strike icon at the bottom. when the screen comes back up i get the black screen again.

    i have to do this about 14 time until i get the CS screen back. it sucks....

    a lot of people have this problem but i have searched the forums and came out empty handed. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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