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Directory contents disappear when viewed from another computer on the LAN

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pkirkaas, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. pkirkaas

    pkirkaas Private E-2

    I have 3 computers on a LAN behind a router; 2 XP SP2, & 1 W2K. I use the Dell XP workstation as sort of a file server, though they are all really peers.

    I have had this network configuration for a couple of years now without problems, but a couple months ago, files started disappearing from networked directories, when viewed from my IBM laptop.

    Scenario: I have a directory called, say C:\MyFiles on the Dell; full of files, which I can see from all the machines in my house.

    One day, I launch File Explorer from my IBM, find the directory MyFiles on the networked computer MYDELL, but it is empty; no files. However from the Dell (where it is a local directory), and from the W2K computer, MyFiles is full of files.

    I reboot all the computers & router multiple times (this is over several months) -- the problem persists. Furthermore, about once a week this problem spreads to another directory.

    HOWEVER: If I rename "MyFiles" to "MyFilesX", I can see the files again from my IBM. When I re-rename "MyFilesX" back to "MyFiles", again the directory appears empty when browsed from the IBM.

    What causes this problem? How do I fix it? No one on Experts Exchange could help; I'm hoping for better insight here!


  2. dedub

    dedub Corporal

    As opposed to changing the share name have you tried changing the workgroup name?
  3. pkirkaas

    pkirkaas Private E-2


    I hadn't tried that, but then I did, with no change of behavior. Any other ideas? Any caches I can flush or anything like that?

  4. bujel

    bujel Private E-2

    ooooo....now i know !!! thank's

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