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DSL/Cable Modem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by XFalloutX, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. XFalloutX

    XFalloutX Private E-2

    I was just wondering if it were possible to have two computers hooked up to one modem? You know like most modems have a USB and a RJ-45 connection, if one is hooked to the USB and the other to the 45 connection.

    Another question I have is I have two computers networked and one is XPhome and the other 2000Pro but the XP machine is the only one that can see the other machine. They are both on the same workgroup and both have file and printer sharing checked (cause I really only have them connected to get to the printer). While trying to access the workgroup form the 2000 machine it says that the workgroup can't be found. Any ideas why?
  2. mgrist

    mgrist Private Weapons

    Not sure about the one computer not seeing the other but yes you can have both computers on one modem. "Internet connection sharing" is how it's worded. Go to your network places (XP) and click on set up local network. It will do all the work just tell it whether it will be the computer with the internet connection or the one sharing. When thats over make a network disk on a floppy and put that in the other computer and do the same thing. Once done you should have shared internet and your other problem should be gone also.
  3. XFalloutX

    XFalloutX Private E-2

    Sorry if you where confused the question about two computers being hooked up to one DSL/Cable modem but I was just wondering about that. The two computers I have are hooked up using a filter that connects them throught the phonline, I just can't get the 2k machine to see the XP machine (although it did work one time but doesn't anymore..odd).

    What you said actualy didn't make sense. It would make sense if one computer, say the XP one, had a nic with two ports and one port was going to the 2k machine. But what I'm saying is that one computer is hooked to the USB port on the modem, then another hooked to the RJ-45 connector on the modem. Would that work? Or would I just need a router?
  4. mgrist

    mgrist Private Weapons

    What I described above is how I have my three computers networked and connected to the internet. I've done it this way atleast twenty times, but when you get into RJ-45 connectors on modem and another line to the usb port I'm lost,sorry. I don't think that would work though.
    As far as the router, you don't need one with just two computers doing it the only way I know how anyway. Just get a twisted or compound ethernet cable and run it from nec to nec and then do what I said above and you would be good to go.
  5. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

  6. XFalloutX

    XFalloutX Private E-2

    Ok thanks for your help, but the 2k machine just doesnt want to see the other computer. Thats ok it was just so I could get to the printer.

    For the other thing I think I'll hook the usb to one computer and then run a cable between the computers. That way I wouldn't need two necs for one computer, or a nec with two ports on it (actually I don't even know if it has two or just one hmmm).
  7. glennk721

    glennk721 MajorGeek

    What is the brand of the modem,,?,if its a westell,,,only one of the port styles can be used at a time,,,recomend you use the rj45 jack,,,feeding a router or hub,,,even better a switchable hub or router this allows the FULL flow of bandwith to each computer on demand,,,hubs and routers sometimes even out the bandwith to the ports...,,,then a lan card on each machine with rj45's,,,just my 2 cents;)

    thats my setup,,,but my router is also wireless so I can use my laptop around the house or backyard,,,Glenn:)
  8. XFalloutX

    XFalloutX Private E-2

    Ok well turns out I'm going to use a router cause the person doesn't want to leave the computer on. So instead of it being free..cause he has the cable and a nec he has to pay $50 or so for a router from wally world (yeah I know its not the cheapest thats where he wants to get it from though).

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