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Dual Display (not the usual question)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TheFish, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. TheFish

    TheFish Private E-2

    Back in the old DOS days you could have dual monitors buy installing an old MDA or Hercules mono card (since the mono cards used different memory addresses to the colour cards). Many old programs could display info on the mono screen while running the main program on the colour screen.

    Fast forward 15 years or so. I now have a modern dual monitor setup. But I have some old DOS apps that I still use from time to time. Is there any way of using my main monitor for the program output as normal, and sending the mono output to my 2nd monitor?
  2. Petaluma

    Petaluma First Sergeant

    mmmm! dual monitors are soooo nice! found this for your info...

    read here for more good info..


    Welcome to the gang!
  3. TheFish

    TheFish Private E-2

    It's nothing amazing :eek:. Just a beat-up 17" CRT as my main display, plus a 13" CRT (which must be 10yrs old at least, if not 15!) as the 2nd, running from a crappy old 2MB S3 card.

    Getting them working together isn't the problem. I've had them both up and running for a few months now. In Windows (2000) both are fine, but with DOS stuff it will only use one screen. I can swap that screen between showing the main or secondary mono output by typing "mode mono", but that still only allows me to use one screen. What I'd like is for DOS to keep the main display on one screen, and put it's mono display on the other. I know it can be don't as I've seen it, but the sites I saw gave no actual details. :(
  4. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    Word of warning.. once you use a dual monitor setup you won't be able to live without it. :)

    I use two NEC/Mits 22"ers for web design/development and there is no way I could ever manage without the 2nd one.

    I was using one 22" with a 19" and, when I decided to find a match, I found a warehouse down the (Bay Area) peninsula full of 1000s of nearly new CRTs. I assume they were booty from failed dot.coms... anyway, they sell them for a couple hundred bucks. It's so great that everyone wants LCDs these days. I would have had a tough time putting this together if they still sold for their list price.

    Oh, I am just using one of the original ATI 9700 128mb cards. It has a 2nd output for DVI that just needs an adapter for VGA.

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