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Error Message Oxc0000142

Discussion in 'Software' started by Dan Armstrong, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Dan Armstrong

    Dan Armstrong Private E-2

    Over the weekend I reinstalled Windows XP Home on my machine. I am on broadband so the first install before I could get a pop up blocker installed I got the ad banners like crazy then started getting Oxc0000142 failed to initialize error on all .exe. no mtter if it was MS Word or Explorer they all gave the same message. I did some research and found someone who said it may be Adtool that downloads itself from pop ups, so I reformatted and resinstalled , got a pop up blocker and anti virus and firewall asap. then all of windows updates, it ran good with no errors all day yesterday, then this morning the same error starts again. I do not see adtool running in msconfig or task manager. I read somewhere it may be a bad memory chip, any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a fresh install. Put it on saturday.
    The reason I had to reinstall was of a crash. I got a message saying due to a recent change in hardware windows cannot start. I have a 2 gig pent 4 processor, 768 megs of ram
  2. catbro6166

    catbro6166 Corporal

    are all the memory the same or different try unistalling one ram stick at a time and see if it changes but usually a bad memory wont pass the initial post but if it is failing then it might cause problems like you are having
  3. Dan Armstrong

    Dan Armstrong Private E-2

    Thanks for the replies, I did read some about zone alarm causing this bu tI am not using zone alarm, I have Mcaffee firewall and virus scan. The ram sticks are 1 256 and 1 512 they are the same as far as DDR ram if that is what you meant. So I should shut down and remove 1 of the ram sticks and try it and see if it helps you think, if not maybe put that one back in and try the other.

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