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Everest question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thesunscreen, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. thesunscreen

    thesunscreen Specialist

    ok so this may be answered somewhere else but its getting late and I know someone here knows the answer.

    I tested my system using everest and came up short what I noticedwas I got beat out by quite a few dual ddr setups. now is that based on dual 1 gb for a total of two gb against my 1 gb. or is that dual 512mb's for faster throughput.
  2. InYearsToCome

    InYearsToCome MajorGeek

    most likely dual 512MB running in dual channel mode. Keep in mind that the display results are most often computers that were tweaked specifically for benchmark testing, and are not indicative of real world performance.

    any system with tons of day to day programs installed and other resource intensive applications take away from maximum benchmark potential.

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