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Every torrent file in the world is busted...What?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Kaze, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Kaze

    Kaze Sgt. Psychobabble

    Okay, this problem has me baffled.

    Every single torrent, EVERY <moderated>TORRENT IN THE WORLD, is apparently invalid according to my computer. This, my friends, is a bold face lie. Why would my PC seek to deceive me? I have been good to it, given it shiny blue lights. I have given it tender loving care. Why does it spurn me so?

    Anyway, here's the deal. Like I said, every single torrent is said to be invalid according to my computer. In the regular BitTorrent program it says:

    (global message): This is not a valid torrent file. (not a valid bencoded string)

    I have tried ABC, Azerus, Bitornado and the regular client. And they all give me some sort of error. I have tried downloading torrents from OCRemix, Boxtorrents and various other sites. It fails, no matter what.

    No matter the file, no matter the client, failure without exception.

    I think the problem may have been caused when I had Bittorent and ABC at the same time, but I honestly don't know.

    COMPUABLE First Sergeant

    >> Anyway, here's the deal. Like I said, every single torrent is said to be invalid according to my computer. In the regular BitTorrent program it says: (global message): This is not a valid torrent file. (not a valid bencoded string) << Kaze

    This problem indicates a corrupted installation of BitTorrent. To fix this: Remove and then Re-install BitTorrent.

    If you're using Windows:

    (1) Quit BitTorrent.
    (2) Uninstall BitTorrent using the "Add/Remove Programs" icon in the "Control Panel"
    (3) Verify that the BitTorrent directory C:\Program Files\BitTorrent\ has been deleted by the uninstall process.
    *If it still exists, go back to step 1.
    (4) Re-install BitTorrent.

    Skipping steps 1, 2 and 3 above, and simply reinstalling BitTorrent first WILL NOT WORK!

    Do NOT try attempt Re-install BitTorrent "over-the-top" your existing BitTorrent installation!
    Do NOT try to remove BitTorrent by deleting its program directory or any of the files in it!

    If you try to remove BitTorrent in this way:
    *You will fail to remove all of BitTorrent entirely.
    *You will prevent "Add/Remove Programs" from being able to successfully remove BitTorrent completely.
    *You will prevent BitTorrent from being reinstalled or upgraded in the future.
    You should download the newest version Bit Torrent. [Highly Recommended]
    You can download the newest version Bit Torrent for free from the Official Bit Torrent Site.
    NOTE: PC and MAC versions are available.

    Related Link
    Downloading and Using Torrent Files - A Tutorial
  3. Kaze

    Kaze Sgt. Psychobabble

    I always properly uninstall programs through Add/Remove.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times and sometimes even on different locations of the drive just for the hell of it, to no avail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both bittorent and all the other programs. It use to be working just fine and I've been an avid torrent user for quite some time. What I don't understand is why NONE of the programs can read the torrents.

    Perhaps this is a registry issue? I'd rather not have to format for measly torrents.
  4. Kaze

    Kaze Sgt. Psychobabble

    Even when I properly remove the program, delete all its remnants from the registry, restart the comp and reinstall, the problem still persists. I don't understand.
  5. Bold Eagle

    Bold Eagle MajorGeek

    Okay you could try uTorrent avail here I have no probs with it. Also their is an app called Your Uninstaller! 2006 (also here, free 21 day trial, love it), which not only removes the app via app's own uninstaller but scrubs registry and finds any other bits or remnants of the installed file. This app has got "misbehaving" apps working properly again after trying the traditional uninstall, reinstall approach.
  6. Kaze

    Kaze Sgt. Psychobabble

    uTorrent also failed.

    I reinstalled all the programs and removed them using Your Unistaller! Unfortunately, You Unistaller couldn't remove the registry keys for Azerus or Bitcomet. Even after using CCleaner and Advanced Registry optimizer to delete all relevant registry keys, it still fails.

    The only torrents that these programs can read are ones that I personally create (which is interesting, but useless). I think this problem goes beyond just these programs. There is something, somewhere, messing with .torrent files on my comp. Or something.
  7. Bold Eagle

    Bold Eagle MajorGeek

    Strange did you do the advanced installation? It should find the registry files, did you go Pro mode. Otherwise you may have to do the mailware/spyware sticky as there may be gremlins playin havoc with your world!
  8. Sedunova

    Sedunova Private E-2

    Just a thought - maybe I'm being a little too paranoid, but - did you install the Windows Update a few weeks ago (or was it months?) that scans computers for pirated copies of Windows and other software? Maybe the end has finally arrived ... Because deep down, didn't we all kind of suspect that this free-for-all music/software/movie downloading party was just a little too good to be true - and that one day the greedy-money-mongers would finally figure it all out and it would just stop working? Is that inevitable day finally here? Nah, not yet.
  9. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Two things I would try.

    1) Use a different browser to download the .torrent. If you use FF then try IE or vice versa.

    2) Try right-clicking the download torrent link and Save link as *.txt and then rename the file to *.torrent and try to open it.

    This won't fix any registry problems but it may let you discover if it is your browser that is having problems with .torrents. I've noticed that at least one site I belong to has added a button to "download torrent as text". Presumably enough people must have problems downloading .torrents that there was a need for such a button.
  10. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Please remember to look at the dates of these threads, this one is from 2006!

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