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Failed installation of Artec cd-rw pc wont boot

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BrokenArrows, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. BrokenArrows

    BrokenArrows Sergeant

    i recently tried to install a Artec 52x32x52 CD-RW on a pc.
    I set it up as the master and removed the old cd-rom. Im almost positive all the conections are correct.
    When i turned the computer on the pc made a series of beeps and the light on the monitor and keyboard just flashes. The computer remains in this state and does nothing else.

    I put the old cd-rom back the way it was to begin with. But this same me the same result as above.

    Then i freaked and decided to disconnect all the cd drives and have none at all but this gave me that same result again. This should not be!!

    Have i somehow totally wrecked the pc. And hopefully if i havent how can i get it working again.

    pc specs

    Win 2k Pro
    I dont know the other specs cause the owner is a muppet and dosent know his computer.
  2. BrokenArrows

    BrokenArrows Sergeant

    nevermind i fixed it
  3. Novice

    Novice MajorGeek

    Do you mind sharing what you did to fix it and what the problem was? :)
  4. BrokenArrows

    BrokenArrows Sergeant

    ya no problem

    I noticed that everytime the computer started i got 1 short and 2 long beeps. i looked this up on the net and for a compaq this beep code stands for a ram error. so i took out the ram and put it back in and bingo pc working again

    full list of beep codes
  5. suesman

    suesman First Sergeant

    You must have bumped it while installing the drive. Man been there before. lol

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