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Favorites list

Discussion in 'Software' started by pabloc, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. pabloc

    pabloc Private E-2

    Hi, I have list of favorites and beside each one is an E which is for internet explorer I suppose. I know most web sites such as New York Times and so forth have their own symbol, how do I change the E to the correct symbol for that web page? Thank you.
  2. matt.chugg

    matt.chugg MajorGeek

    Hi pabloc

    The E you are seeing is Internet Explorers default icon. Some developers choose to use their own icon next to their url in the address bar, To do this they add an icon to the root of their website called favicon.ico. Some websites won't have this so IE will use the default one.

    As far as Im aware there is no way of changing the icon for a favorite.

    However (after a little testing) it seems the icons for the favorite items are stored in the temoprary internet files. When you use the option to clear temporary files from internet explorer it doesn't remove the favicon.ico files (or some if not all cookies for that matter). SO if you are using another program to clear this folder or deleting them manually then the favicon files will be removed which would explain why you are getting the 'E' image every time.


    Note: IE needed a restart to find the icon after adding a favorite and also needed restarting to recognise that it had been removed so it would seem they are stored in memory while IE is running.
  3. Bomba

    Bomba Private First Class

    Some versions of ie don't recognize favicons
  4. The Grizzly Geek

    The Grizzly Geek Private E-2

    Hi Pabloc,

    I know of a freeware program that will do just what you want. It is calles AM Deadlinks and is mainly for checking your favorites for dead links (hence the name). But, it will also download favicons. There is a button on the toolbar, just push it and it finds all of the icons very quickly. You can find it at:


  5. pabloc

    pabloc Private E-2

    Hello, Thanks so much for this information.

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