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Game crashes and troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Software' started by CTHULHU, Aug 5, 2005.


    CTHULHU Private E-2

    So I built this computer, right? And I'm all like a carney with a new ride, all excited and shit. So I install the Riddick game, Doom 3, and Dawn of War. Half-Life to and WoW wont run until I get my internet connection on monday, which I can deal with. I'm posting this from my room mate's pc. Anyhoo, start playing the games, and within a few hours I come to the realization that every single game is crashing. Not even in the same place, but anywhere, it doesn't even have to be in gameplay for Dawn of War. I downloaded the newest driver for my vid card (GeForce 6800GT) and installed it, to no avail. I'm using Direct X 9.0c. I have no idea what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

    -Cthulhu... that cute, cuddly, slavering god of madness...
  2. GeForce

    GeForce Private E-2

    Do you have Fast writes on? Also do you have sufficient cooling? Post some of your other system specs. I know for a whiel i had many crashes due to my ram. So post some stuff including your PSU.
  3. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    More info can and will be helpful:

    Read and follow this post:


    It will help me and others with your situation! :)

    Also, for your particular game(s), have you downloaded the latest patches for your game(s).?

    Have you installed the latest video drivers? Did you recently upgrade a video card? If you recently upgraded a video card, then I highly recommend, uninstalling the previous drivers.

    Just some tips....to help you on your quest of having a good gaming box...... :)

    CTHULHU Private E-2

    Aight, here's what i'm running with:

    AMD Athlon 64 3500+
    NVIDIA Geforce 6800GT (manufactured by Leadtek)
    2 x 512 sticks corsair ram
    K8N Neo2 Platinum (manufactured by MSI)
    120 gig hard drive (Seagate)
    Sony DVD/CD rom combo drive
    The case came with a 350 power supply

    Both the processor and the video card have heatsinks on them and I have a top fan and a side panel fan. My PC Alert is reading the temp. of the cpu anywhere between 96-106 and the system temp reads at about 86 at any given point in time.

    CTHULHU Private E-2

    I'm also using windows xp pro, and my processor is 2.21 ghz

    CTHULHU Private E-2

    I upgraded my power supply to 550 watt today, and I'm still crashing
  7. Omegamerc

    Omegamerc MajorGeek

    Read above ^^
  8. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Fast wrights on this board is a killer,it halfs my 3dmark score,then causes it to restart without warning :rolleyes: disabling in bios is the best way of gettin rid :rolleyes:

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