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getting rid of crap

Discussion in 'Software' started by earlthemailman, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. earlthemailman

    earlthemailman Corporal

    hello everyone-

    i am curious as to what program deletes misc things that you do not need. i have read places that if u unistall a program, some of it is still there somewhere. i dont know how true this is, but if it is i got some deleting to do. also, could someone explain to me what the redgistry for windows and/or if there is crap in there i can get rid of
  2. PhilliePhan

    PhilliePhan Guest

    I imagine most here will point you to Crap Cleaner

    Be careful, though. The first time I ran Crap Cleaner, my computer disappeared!! :D

    PP :)
  3. fiver22

    fiver22 Sergeant

    When you delete something in windows what basically happens is that windows says to itself that the space that was occupied by the item that you are deleting is now available for overwriting -So it isn't *really* deleted and it can be recovered.
    What you might want is a program that overwrites the *deleted* data -or encrypts it so that it is harder to recover.
    If you are worried about space then deleting a file is fine -Windows will overwrite it when necessary.
    If you are worried about people recovering your deleted fileds then you'd want a program like "Eraser" http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/ or "BCWipe" http://www.jetico.com
    I didnt see either in the MG files so I gave you the main product links. Sorry if they *are* available via MG's -any Mod should feel free to edit my post.

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