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Having trouble reaching some websites.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Thead, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Thead

    Thead Leave It To BeaVAR!

    For some reason, in the past week or so I have been unable to reach several sites. I can't even reach my own webspace (www.Iamthead.com). I thought maybe my host was just down or something, but today got there no problem from the schools computers. Same goes for several other sites that I frequent (tech-pc, rottentomatoes.com for example)

    I'm having no trouble getting to majorgeeks though.

    Any ideas? I'm confused since I didn't make any changes before this started happening.

    I'm on cable, running through a linksys wireless router (this machine is wired, though). Using Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and I've tried IE aswell with no luck.
  2. Kodo


    go to start.. run.. type CMD

    at the prompt type


    hit enter

    try it again and make sure you have dns caching firewalls running.
  3. Thead

    Thead Leave It To BeaVAR!

    Doh.. now that you mention firewalls... couldn't find DNS stuff in my router settings so I just reset it. Fixered. :)

    Sank you ver much.

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