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Hijack this

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by pender575, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. pender575

    pender575 Private E-2

    I have followed all of the suggested steps for removing trojans, spyware etc and am still having problems. My start page has been taken over by about:this and isn't dtected by about:buster. I can see it in the Hijack this log but it keeps coming back even though I delete it.

    The cleaning toold dtected and attemted to delete Trojan.StartPage.M but couldn't do so.

    Please let me know if you want to see my HJT log.

    Thank you
  2. pender575

    pender575 Private E-2

    Sorry, I meant about:blank
  3. pender575

    pender575 Private E-2

    Here is my log (attached)

    Attached Files:

  4. bjgarrick

    bjgarrick MajorGeeks Admin - Malware Expert

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!

    First, lets start of getting a current HJT log from normal mode.

    [​IMG] Download HijackThis 1.99.1

    [​IMG] Unzip the hijackthis.exe file to a folder you create named C:\Program Files\HJT

    [​IMG] Do NOT run Hijack This from the Desktop, a temp folder, or a sub-folder of C:\Documents and Settings, or choose to run it directly from the ZIP file as your backups will not be safely stored.

    [​IMG]Before running HijackThis: You must close each of the following:your web browser, e-mail client, instant messenger, and programs like notepad, wordpad, MS Word etc. And any other unnecessary running programs.

    [​IMG]Run HijackThis and save your log file.

    [​IMG] Post your log as an ATTACHMENT to your next post. (Do NOT copy/paste the log into your post as it will be removed).

    [​IMG]Need help with HJT? See this thread: NO HIJACK THIS LOG FILES BEFORE READING THIS: HJT Tutorial & LOG File Posting

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