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How can you tell which device driver is bad?

Discussion in 'Software' started by VillegasDV, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. VillegasDV

    VillegasDV Private E-2

    I intalled Windows XP to my new Mobo ABIT NF7-S and i'm getting error messages saying "Windows has recovered from a serious error" and then something about a device driver causing problems. How can you tell which one is giving you trouble so I can try fixing it? I'm also getting random reboots and all sorts of error messages. I can't use the computer for a few minutes when i'm already getting error messages and I already tried updating the ABIT drivers but the computer will reboot in the middle and won't let me do it.
  2. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    Open device manager, see list of all hardwares. Error devices should show you yellow question mark on specific hardware. Are you using Win XP? Right click on My Computer click on properties, system properties will show up, click hardware, click device manager. When you see yellow question mark on any hardware, update the drivers for it. There are other ways to know what problem devices are but try this first in safe mode if you dont have time to access device manager in normal window while window kept reboots. If still fail in safe mode, try win xp repair using win xp cd.
  3. Archimides

    Archimides Private E-2

    I had the same problem with my XP.
    What you need to do is, open your cp and take out all your cards.
    Except your graphic card! Start your comp. Normally you wont
    have that problem anymore. Turn the cp off and ad one of
    your cards. Reboot the pc. Do this with all your cards. One
    by one untill you find wich one fails. When you know wich
    one causes the problem, go to their site and download the new
    drivers. If this does'nt solve the problem contact me.and I will tell you next step.

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