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How to get spam.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Oogie5000, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. Oogie5000

    Oogie5000 Private E-2

    Yes. I'm serious...

    I'm doing a horribly long essay for my Linguistics Proseminar, and I've decided to focus on language features in ads, specifically spam e-mail...

    Since I don't want to destroy my own mailbox, I was thinking I'd set up an e-mail account on hotmail or something like that and try to get as much spam sent to the address as possible. It doesn't matter what kind of spam; bogus network marketing schemes, "free" holidays, porn... anything will do.

    Any of you guys know how to get *LOTS* of spam?

  2. Kodo


    find any and every site that has a mailing list and sign up.. porn sites are guaranteed to send you spam and they are guaranteed to sell your email to other lists so you won't just get porn spam. Sometimes just signing up for free mail addy's puts you on lists.
  3. bern

    bern Sergeant

    yeah hotmail is deffinitely a good place to start
  4. Johner

    Johner Private First Class

    I use HTML yahoo email for generals but use Outlook with different address for private. Yahoo includes bulk as spamguard. I get average 80 spams per day after I sign up for 2 MLM crap couple of years ago. I guess they sold my email addy and kept multiply. Also when I received spam, they usually include "Do you wish to unsubscribe and remove your emailing from our list? Click here" and I made a mistake. When I click to unsubscribe, they know my email is still active then they tripled or more sending me more spams and probably sold my email to other spam senders. Everyday when I check my email, I see around 80 in bulk and emptied them all without reading any. So you probably would want to click unsubscribe links in order to receive more spam. Also, some forums do sell email address, just find forums that are not to be trusted and post a new thread telling everyone your email addy. For some reasons, alot people have too much time on their hands would appericate you giving out your email addy and send you spams. You could use AOL, enter every chat rooms and say anything all times to get noticed, you will get plentful of spams within in few days.
  5. Fw190

    Fw190 Lt. Anti-Social

  6. the_master_josh

    the_master_josh Specialist

    Sign up for those internet "sweepstakes" that require you to enter your email. I have an aol account (I've tried telling my parents to switch) that gets over 30 junk e-mails every day, just from simply signing up for different sweepstakes.
  7. lesrae

    lesrae Private E-2

    I've found financial institutions to be the worst, give a few of them your e-mail adress for 'more information' on a loan etc and you'll get hundreds.
  8. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    see suggestions above, this thread is old and you most likely not get much from here.
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