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I know newby need advice on External Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Capt'n Jim, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Capt'n Jim

    Capt'n Jim Private E-2

    Hello, I just joined Majorgeeks today. I'm old enough to remember doing my thesis on punch cards but willing to learn technology everyday. I love computers and the related gadgets. Forums with experts like you guys are the way to go. I subscribe to brighthand.com and headfi.com and learned and helped more there than you can believe. So how did I wind up here? I have spent a good 4 -6 hours just trying to answer the question. I want a good external hard drive for backup (one that won't crash in two months :)). I have been searching internet links, etc. This all started with this week's COMPusa ad for the Maxtor 250 gb external for $99. The drive has gotten everything from 0 to 10 depending on who's magazine site or link you land. Same with the others. I really couldn't find anything substantial on the previous threads at major geeks. SO.......

    -In the 200 to 300 or more gb range for the average guy to back-up documents, music and videos.
    -Should I wait for the revolving sales at Compusa?
    -Prefer not to built one, just plug and play.

    Maxtor, Iomega, Seagate, Western Digital, AcomData, LaCie, IOgear?

  2. taz55

    taz55 Private First Class

    go to www.newegg.com they have good reviews and fast shipping.

    ok as for the drive go with a seagate drive, they are good and have a five year warenty from the factory. others are only one year.

    is there a specific reason you want an external hard drive. its just as easy to put one inside the computer. and occasionaly cheaper.

    you might also consider checking out www.outpost.com they have really good sales but not as helpful or quick shipping as the above.

    oh and go for a 7200 rpm the 10000 are not worth it.

    what are your system specs to.
  3. Capt'n Jim

    Capt'n Jim Private E-2

    See, I knew you guys would know this stuff!

    -believe it or not the guy at CompuUSA recommended Seagate for the warranty.

    -I have a laptop so I am assuming you think I have a tower with room in the carriage.

    -o.k. on the 7,200

    -specs, (I knew you would get me one way or another! I'll try my best)

    Compaq 2500 series (bought 11/04), 60 gb hard drive, Pentium 4 2.88 mobile processor, 512 ram, cd-dvd r/w (that good enough?)

    Thanks for the links

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