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I need help backing up my pc

Discussion in 'Software' started by OCCMIKE, Jun 2, 2006.


    OCCMIKE Private E-2

    I was going to install Windows sp 2 and was told i need a backup my files.Well i don't have any backups cause i don't know howo to do that.Can someone tips on backing up my pc .I noticed my nero has an option to backup my pc should i go that route or is there a better way.
  2. jones23

    jones23 Private E-2

    u can back up


    start/allprograms/accessories/system tools/backup

    run thru the wizard and wolla
  3. Toni_1947

    Toni_1947 Command Sergeant Major


    OCCMIKE Private E-2

    Thanks you two i'll check it out.:)

    OCCMIKE Private E-2

    Quick question i always heard if you reformat you lose everything so whats the good thing about backing up my pc.
  6. Bold Eagle

    Bold Eagle MajorGeek

    There are many good reasons to BACK UP your important data, the main ones being:

    - If you get a Virus/Adware/Hacker etc etc infect your system to state of non-operation.

    - Hardware failure, HDD's, RAM etc etc are nowadays mass produced inplaces like China etc and therefore are certainly not infalible and if they suddenly go all your data could be lost (or very very expensive to recover).

    - Windows OS are certainly far from perfect and occasionally can cause you significant problems and unless you are very experienced once again data loss

    - Act of God, power surge during a bad storm and complete hardware FRY and data loss

    There are probably many other reasons and the severity off above problems will differ significantly but these are some of the factors as to why you should back-up otherwise you'll make yourself go grey early or get physical with your hardware in a momentary lapse of reason. Hope this helps to clarify!

    The simplest way I find is to create one folder on desktop (my own name) and store everything imp in there then just copt that once a month to DVD.
  7. Plaphon

    Plaphon Specialist

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