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i was bored so here you go a poll

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by N5638J, Feb 5, 2005.


what kind of fuel do jets use

  1. a blend of gasoline and kerosine

  2. a blend of Diesel and gasoline

  3. a blend of diesel and kerosine

  4. a blend of diesel, kerosine and gasoline

  5. diesel

    0 vote(s)
  6. kerosine

  7. gasoline

    0 vote(s)
  1. N5638J

    N5638J Guest

    please dont do any searches or stuff like that because it takes the fun out of it and dont post the anwser just use the poll
  2. scorcer

    scorcer ajMro keGe

    Am I missing something here??? :rolleyes:
  3. N5638J

    N5638J Guest

    yea your missing something lol
  4. Shadowchaser

    Shadowchaser A Really Great Guy

    I cheat, I used to work in an airport for Britt Airways. After the poll I'll tell you what we used to use the feul for LOL
  5. BoredOutOfMyMind

    BoredOutOfMyMind Picabo, ICU

    Ddi yuo perhasp mena fuel ?

    Or is this the new AOL IM chat talk? :p
  6. G.T.

    G.T. R.I.P February 4, 2007. You will be missed.

    Man, you are WAY too bored.

    I won't give it away, since there have already been some wrong guesses, but if you've ever smelled Jet-A or JP-4, there's no doubt about it. ;)
  7. N5638J

    N5638J Guest

    thanks GT and typo's are my way of life lol i just remembered something i seen on the wings channel there are 2 not 1 but 2 right anwsers up there i will say what they are monday morning or whenever lol
  8. VoiceofReason

    VoiceofReason Private E-2

    [size=+2]What's the POINT?[/size] :rolleyes:
  9. Kodo


    to see if you know..
  10. scorcer

    scorcer ajMro keGe

    and obviously I dont :rolleyes:
  11. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    Wow i think i got it right, as G.T., Kodo, Halo, Adynalyne and other's voted the same as me!

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