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ip addresses-i forgot

Discussion in 'Software' started by tazz, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. tazz

    tazz Private E-2

    Recently someone gave me a link where i could type in the ip address and find out where it was coming from. Since then, my computer has been totally reformatted again. Would you please tell me what it was again? It had something to do with a Sanford(stanford?) University.

  2. Kodo


  3. tazz

    tazz Private E-2

    Thanks, but that's not it. The one I am looking for, you just type in the IP address and it maps out the route and can tell you where it's coming from.
    That neo one seems to tell you where you are going. Hopefully, I already know that?? Somedays.
  4. Kodo


    Neo traces the IP just like what you want it to do, but it gives you a physical geographical location of where the IP originated from.

    You don't need a website to run a trace.
    just open up a command prompt window and type

    tracert [ip address here]


    for example


    that will trace from your box to the IP you typed in.
  5. tazz

    tazz Private E-2

    Ok, I know you are on line. Great. I'm downloading that program as we speak. I did the tracert thing and it had 4 hops?
    Now, how can I pin point exactly where it came from? Will that neo thing do that? It will take me about 20 minutes or so to download the thing.
  6. Kodo


    it does pretty well in telling you the geographical location of where the IP originated from.. ie. the CITY and STATE, it does a whois lookup on it too.. trust me, it's a great tool, you'll love it! :)

    I've yet to find a free one that does it.
  7. tazz

    tazz Private E-2

    Okay, I got it downloaded, now where do I put in the IP address? It's not showing in their list when they did their survey thing?
    Also, do you know if I can get an IP address from an e-mail sent to me? (not yours). I have gotten e-mail from this person and would like to see if they match. Yahoo and MSN aren't much help because they tell me that I would need a search warrant for this and the local police are treating this as a minor thing.
    To me, it's not minor, this person has my SIN number and god knows what she's going to do next.

    I did the tracert thing and it had 4 hops? Now, how can I pin point exactly where it came from
  8. Kodo


  9. tazz

    tazz Private E-2

    I would still like to know where I got that Sanford ip originator from though. It was pretty neat.

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